Project Based Learning

  • We offer project-based learning to develop thinking skills by using mixed media to improve learning and build community

    Collage recognizes that each student has his or her own unique methods of learning and varying levels of skill and curiosity. This is why project-based learning, an approach that allows students to delve deeply into material and merge it with their own interests, is the center of Collage education. Through projects, students connect new knowledge with what they already know. They develop higher-order thinking skills—the ability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize.

    Children are seen as active learners that learn through the exploration of their interests. In the project approach, students study a topic in-depth to gain a deeper understanding as well as learn through hands-on experiences about the chosen topic. Projects are voted on or decided by gauging student’s interests – giving our students ownership of what they learn. During each project, children are encouraged to observe, ask questions, formulate answers and reflect on their thoughts and findings.

    Why Project-Based Learning?

    • Engaged Student Learning – students are encouraged to engage in active learning; project-based learning engages hearts and minds, and provides real-world relevance for learning
    • Improved Learning and Retention of Knowledge – after completing a project, students understand content more deeply, remembering what they learn and retain it longer than is often the case with traditional instruction.
    • Project-Based Learning Teaches Mixed Media – Projects utilize a wide variety of media, from spoken word and poetry to presentations and school-wide performances. Students are familiar with an enjoy utilizing a variety of technology as well as the wealth of experience of the many art and art-inclined faculty at Collage.
    • Project-Based Learning Encourages Teacher and Student Creativity – Projects allow teachers to work more closely with active, engaged students, allowing both students and teachers to produce high-quality, meaningful work, and discover and re-discover the joys of learning and working with children.
    • Project-Based Learning Helps to Build a Community within the classroom and between the classroom and the real world. Projects provide students with empowering opportunities to make a difference through solving real problems and addressing real issues. Students learn how to interact with their peers and adults and other organizations. Collage’s curriculum encourages parent involvement where possible, and parents can often be seen getting involved in the classrooms.