Early Learning Community

Collage Day School offers your child the highest quality of care, by providing them a safe and nurturing environment in which to explore the world around them. Our dedicated team of professionals relies on research-based practices, collaboration with families, and ongoing monitoring of developmental milestones to ensure your child is off to a healthy, happy start. Because we believe a robust early childhood education sets the foundation for success as a student, we offer rich experiences to help your child grow into a motivated, confident, and joyful learner.

Our highly-skilled teachers are well-trained and genuinely care about each student and family. In viewing children as individuals, teachers can easily adjust to accommodate your child’s particular academic learning style.

Our goal is to maintain high academic expectations for each student, while recognizing that primary-age children naturally fall within various levels of emotional and cognitive growth. Our programs allow for the celebration of all talents and achievements along the developmental continuum.

Teachers in our Elementary School Community:

Pre-3 Community

Young learners enter preschool with a healthy curiosity, an eagerness to learn, and abundant energy. To nurture these attributes, Collage teachers apply a wealth of resources to help develop your child’s academic capabilities, social confidence, emotional wellbeing.

By providing direct instruction as well as hands-on activities, our Pre-3 program is built to foster critical thinking, problem-solving, cooperative learning, and facilitation of child-driven inquiry. Instruction is differentiated – utilizing a blend of whole group, flexible small group, and individual instruction – allowing students to develop skills at a pace that aligns with their individual levels and abilities.

Our low student-to-teacher ratio (1:9, 18 max) allows teachers to create a personal relationship with your child, identify their strengths and difficulties, and individualize instruction to appropriately challenge and support them. Our Pre-3 curriculum correlates with the Florida Standards to provide students with foundational success in the domains of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science/discovery, social and emotional functioning, and physical motor skills. Students in this program participate in weekly classes to enrich their learning in the areas of Spanish, Music, Art, Physical Education, and Yoga.

The Collage team ensures your child has plentiful opportunities to move and use their body in healthy ways, by spending time outdoors engaging with the natural environment. Our faculty and students make full use of the entire campus for classwork, as well as enrichment opportunities in the visual and performing arts, physical education, laboratory experiences, and hands-on learning in nature.

Teachers in our Pre-3 Community:

  • Encourage your child to develop at an individual pace and to their fullest potential
  • Use Florida Standards to drive instructional decisions
  • Help children develop a sense of responsibility for one’s own actions, as well as their surrounding community
  • Continue to develop each child’s sense of respect for others and for the environment
  • Nurture a love of learning, creativity and logical thinking
  • Teach skills that can be used throughout life
  • Work to integrate home and school through parent education and parent-teacher conferences


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Pre-4 Community

Our Pre-4 curriculum meets all Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards for Four-Year-Olds and Teaching Strategies Gold Objectives for development and learning.

We honor childhood with playful learning experiences that allow your children to grow as an individual while learning how to find their place in a group. During guided play, teachers provide feedback and guidance to help your child make meaningful connections and practice skills with real-world context. Our classrooms arrangements are aesthetically designed to encourage and inspire your child’s creativity, and our small class ratios (1:9, 18 max) keep teacher-student interactions frequent and personal.  Finishing our Pre-4 program, children consistently show strong performances on their IRLA, STAR, MAP assessments, demonstrating self-control, persistence, and confidence. Together, these components have both short and long-term positive impacts on your child’s social and academic learning, which correlate with overall school success later in life.


Our highly-qualified teachers bring a wealth of experience to our Pre-4 program, and provide your young learner with the pre-requisite skills needed for success in kindergarten. Our instructional curriculum provides cross-curricular content exposure by using Florida Benchmarks as a guide in incorporating Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Writing, and Social Skills. Students in our prekindergarten also participate in weekly enrichment classes, such as Spanish, Art, Physical Education, Music, and Yoga.

Collage is also proud of to offer your 4 to 5-year-old Project-Based Learning classes.  In keeping with our philosophy, Collage’s Pre-4 students follow the same monthly themes as the Elementary School, allowing for fluid communication and collaboration between staff and students. Your child will attain mastery of skills, as measured by Florida’s B.E.S.T. standards, while using their participating in creative project creation for a variety of themes across the schoolyear.

You can expect to see the following in our classrooms each day:

  • Laughter
  • Child-Directed Learning
  • Positive Peer Interactions
  • Engaged Students
  • Process Art
  • Opportunities for Children to Explore
  • Aesthetically Beautiful Setting
  • Confident Children
  • Differentiation and Individualization
  • Hands-on Learning
  • 21st Century Skills including Communication, Collaboration, Critical and Creative thinking


Supply List:

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2022 – 2023 School Year:
Monday – Friday
7:00 am – 6:00 pm