Who We Are

Collage Day School is an educationally dynamic independent day school in the Palm Valley area of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Serving students aged 3 months through 5th grade, Collage provides your child a safe and beautiful environment that develops not just their love of learning, but their eagerness to explore and understand the natural world. By combining evidence-based academic programming with a wealth of socioemotional resources, Collage sets the foundation for your child to engage with the world as a well-rounded lifelong learner.

What We Do

At Collage, our primary objective is to equip your child with the skills and confidence to excel in any classroom they encounter, ensuring they leave our school feeling capable and self-assured. To achieve this, we utilize an educational methodology grounded in standards-based academics, age-appropriate social skill development, and project-based learning opportunities across our entire setting. At Collage, our dedicated staff brings a rich tapestry of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and teaching styles to our school community. What unites them is a shared passion for our holistic approach to education, which nurtures the whole child. We embrace and celebrate diversity, encourage curiosity, and foster creativity from our youngest to our oldest students.

Our Campus

Collage is located at 171 Canal Boulevard in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. The 8-acre campus is nestled between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean in Palm Valley.

Collage Day School’s campus is an ecological treasure, with three ponds, woodland trails with fitness stations, outdoor learning centers, gardens, and resident animals throughout the campus. Since our inaugural year, we’ve cultivated alliances with regional partners to build a nature-centered, hands-on curriculum for our students. Our goal is to continually renew and maintain a fully functioning ecosystem, with your children serving an integral role as both creators and caretakers.

Scientific Exploration

Thinking, observing, recording, and discussing are critical components of the scientific process. From an early age, Collage develops your child’s ability to use their senses, their ideas, and their peers to investigate and solve problems. From weekly Horticulture and STEAM classes to recycling and composting efforts, Collage helps young learners acquire a valuable and highly versatile set of skills with which to approach their continued academic and social development. Our campus is an ever-evolving setting, designed to support our educational philosophy and provide students with opportunities to develop their stewardship of nature.

Respect for Nature

Our teachers actively listen to children’s conversations, warmly embrace their questions, and seize every opportunity to instill a deep respect for nature. At Collage Day School, children love to observe and care for the things they find throughout our campus. Students eagerly dive into hands-on activities, not afraid of getting dirty, excited to have the chance to explore. Our scientific studies take full advantage of our woodland campus, and happily bring students’ experiences beyond the four walls of a classroom. Your child’s love of learning and intuitive curiosity will find a welcoming home at Collage and will be nurtured and inspired in a way that cannot be achieved through reading or watching alone.

Commitment to Recess

We believe recess is a vital component of your child’s overall day at Collage. All classes have recess daily and, depending on schedules, classes may have two recess periods on some days. Whether it is a pick-up game of soccer, interactive play with our rabbits, or fort building in the woods, we believe recess serves as an important break from children’s academic work. It is during recess that children interact with peers and practice important social skills. Through play, children learn to communicate effectively, solve problems, and cope with novel challenges. At any given point in the day, classes from several grade levels can be found playing together on our playgrounds and throughout our outdoor spaces. Recess provides fertile ground for friendships to be forged, skills to be acquired, and community to be built.

Why Choose Collage

We’ve built our Early Learning, Preschool, and Elementary school models on the fundamentals of well-rounded child development: small classes with curricular programming designed to target learners of all levels, a strong emphasis on character development and interpersonal skills, and a gorgeous natural environment which grows alongside your children. Our approach to education is not only thoughtful and balanced, but also developmentally appropriate and based on best learning practices. We seamlessly integrate a diverse range of educational approaches to craft a program that embodies our unwavering dedication to nurturing your child’s journey towards a solid foundation of happiness and success.


2022 – 2023 School Year:
Monday – Friday
7:00 am – 6:00 pm