Our Curricula

  • We personalize student curricula to enhance learning and encourage creative thinking

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  • Collage Day School faculty draws from a variety of curricula to develop creative instruction that engages learners and effectively meets each child’s needs.

    Collage Day School is an academically challenging, independent day school that provides a rich, integrative curriculum that’s designed to encourage creative thinking and can be easily personalized for each student.

  • Customized Teaching

    Collage Day School faculty begins by uncovering the unique learning profile of each individual student, then matching that knowledge with instruction. It’s in this way that we can accommodate students of all levels on the educational spectrum of learning and offer individualized, innovative instruction based on each student’s needs. Our students are exposed to world knowledge in literature, math, social studies and science. Yet, differentiation occurs at every subject and level of learning, which allows every child the freedom to move ahead in areas of mastery, while allowing for extra work and enrichment activities in areas that need more development

  • Discovery-based Learning

    Rather than filling students with pre-digested information and concepts to memorize for standardized tests, Collage teachers use experiences, discussion and other activities to help students discover concepts. We teach students how to think, not what to think. By allowing students to discover concepts for themselves, we are engaging them in the thinking process – giving them the experiences and methods needed to become independent thinkers.

  • Our Curricula

    The curricula is focused on Student Centered Learning where students/teachers/parents are active participants in the learning process. Due to this philosophy, we are not committing to specific publishers as it is highly possible one student may receive instruction from Envision, one with Go Math, and one with Saxon in the same class. In addition, curricula may be fluid as students may need Envision for one objective and Go Math for another which would embrace the idea of Math Workshops.

  • Homework

    We will assign prescriptive homework on an as-needed basis. In addition, students will be asked to read daily and practice math facts, if needed. Teachers will communicate with parents if a need arises in which individual students need additional assistance at home or enrichment and will provide resources. To encourage reading at home, students will have the ability to participate in school wide incentive programs that will occur quarterly and annually. 

    Careful Monitoring

    Collage Day School’s experienced administrative team, including a head of school, director of education and director of curriculum and instruction, has access to a wide variety of hands-on and real-world curricula. The team is fully dedicated to choosing curriculum based on each student’s individual needs and learning styles. All learning plans and curriculum are carefully monitored by the faculty and administrators to ensure that Collage’s educational objectives are aligned to frameworks and to instructional practices that yield the highest standards of student achievement and instructional excellence.

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