A "Whole Child" Approach, the Collage Way

At the core of Collage’s operational philosophy is the utilization of a Whole Child approach to education.  For your child, that means an entire staff team dedicated to the 5 Principles of Whole Child Education.

The Five Principles of Whole Child Education


We believe your child is at their very best when physical and emotional health are cared for and intentionally developed.  As part of our commitment to fostering a healthy environment, we have a dedicated full-time nurse on campus, Tania Pita, who embodies the core value of Health. Nurse Tania is an indispensable asset, offering informative newsletters to families, establishing strong connections with students, and effectively helping your child balance their physical needs with their emotional stability.


At the foundation of any school should be the mandate to keep children safe. Along with our concrete standards for physical safety, we also prioritize the safety of your child’s emotions and feelings.  We maintain a schoolwide culture where children are encouraged to express themselves openly, take positive risks, and trust they will be respected and cared for unconditionally.


Imperative to Whole Child development is active student engagement- not just with their own learning, but with peers, staff, and their local community. With our focus on Project-Based Learning, your child is given the keys to learn, make discoveries, and develop a greater sense of place and purpose. Instead of asking your child to memorize information for testing purposes, Collage’s multi-tier engagement model encourages them to take pride in developing and applying their working knowledge in real-world scenarios.


Collage offers a comprehensive range of services and support systems to enhance your child’s educational journey. We take pride in our partnerships with a diverse array of experts who are dedicated to guiding students through their elementary school experience. With highly qualified tutors providing personalized learning support, an in-house Guidance Program, and specialized services such as ABA, Mental Health, Speech, OT, and more, Collage ensures that all your child’s needs are met under one roof. Our collaborative approach empowers students to develop essential skills for both academic excellence and social success.


Rounding out our Whole Child approach is the belief that children grow from meeting and conquering challenges at and above their level. The ability to persevere and overcome challenges is a key factor in achieving long-term success in one’s career. At Collage, we understand the importance of nurturing this resilience and determination in our students. That’s why we employ various assessment strategies and implement targeted academic programs to inspire your child to surpass their own expectations. By providing the necessary support and resources, we encourage your child to push their boundaries and develop the skills needed for future accomplishments. At Collage, we believe in empowering students to embrace challenges and thrive beyond their wildest dreams.


2022 – 2023 School Year:
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