Special Resources

  • Our special resources include art, library, Spanish, music and movement, physical education, yoga, an onsite farm, and a TimberNook program

  • Art

    Art education begins in young children as sensory exploration.

    Children construct their knowledge of the world and discover possibilities by seeing and feeling a variety of materials. Realizing they can control or manipulate artistic media (paint, crayons, clay) gives way to meaning making and establishing a personal language in their artwork. Growth in the core areas of child development weaves alongside artistic development. Verbalizing their thoughts or actions supports visual language development as your child begins to connect to their artistic experiences. Each class begins with circle time where the theme of the day is presented through song, dance, story, or observation. Children are invited to explore different media while manipulating both familiar and artist-quality tools in openended art investigations.

  • Library

    The Library Program has a number of moving parts and serves a number of purposes at Collage.

    Our Library also has a large nonfiction collection which supports the research that Elementary students do throughout the year, individually and in groups of two or more (student research is prominent in Reggio starting at a young age). Our educations specialists visit classrooms weekly to read to students, helping to instill a love of reading in them! There are also books in the library for the toddler age and parents and caregivers are welcome to come in with their toddler and check out a book.

    For parents and teachers, the Library has a parenting section and a section on education. These sections include the titles that the Parent Enrichment classes read. The Library is located along the hallway beside the Cafetorium. Come by to browse the new books display, other themed displays of books, and the collection! There is a couch and small rug where you can comfortably curl up and get lost in a good book.

  • Spanish

    Collage’s Spanish Program touches many children at the school, with Toddlers exposed through songs and play and instruction beginning at the Preschool level.

    The Spanish curriculum is based on Reggio’s educational philosophy as well as on the Reggio’s approach to the individual child, language development, group management, teaching and learning styles, and specific techniques such as the Three-Period lesson.

    Elementary Spanish meets multiple times a week and includes reading, writing sentences, translating Spanish into English, learning increasingly complex songs and poems, simple role plays, and eventually learning irregular conjugations and doing research projects.

  • Music and Movement

    Music is a language we all share.

    Listening to and playing music during early childhood has positive effects on learning, and is just plain fun! As with language development, young ears learn music naturally through simple exposure to songs and rhythms. During the first five years of childhood, brain development is rapid – this is the perfect time to expose your child to music! With regular exposure, music will become as second-nature to your child as walking and talking. Children audiate, hear music in their heads, long before music making begins.

    Repetition and movement encourage fine and gross motor development as they shake a tambourine, pick a guitar, or twirl in the air. Children laugh, dance, and play instruments along side their peers developing social interactions and friendships. Each class begins with circle time and an introduction to the theme of the day through song, dance, story, or observation! We are inspired by the Orff-Schulwerk approach to music education, which mirrors the big ideas of Reggio Emilia of exploration, discovery, and play. Our students enjoy a wide array of percussion instruments (xylophones, shakers, drums) as well as many international (talking drum, seed rattle, rainstick) and traditional instruments (recorder, guitar, piano).

  • Physical Education

    In Collage’s Physical Education Program, our goal is to help children to discover and explore a diverse selection of activities that promote a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

    Our curriculum includes opportunities in physical, social, and emotional health education. The encouragement of risk taking, problem solving, choice, and selfchallenge afford children an opportunity to learn about themselves in a safe and supportive environment.

  • The Physical Education Program uses a skill-based curriculum.

    The units taught are dodging, chasing, fleeing, throwing, catching, kicking, striking, striking with implements, body management, gymnastics, dance, and individual/dual sports.

    The units are repeated each year, and the scaffolding builds from acquisition to mastery. How far a student moves is determined by determination and ability. We encourage them to make a genuine effort and to find their personal best. We reinforce that there are many ways to have a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

  • Yoga

    Enlightening Minds. Opening Hearts. Empowering Children.

    Our yoga classes are play-based, designed to meet kids where they are at and instill the benefits of yoga in the youngest of yogis. In yoga class, children challenge their bodies and their minds as they build strength, focus, and friendships. The curriculum is simple: move, breathe, sing, dance and laugh!

  • The Farm

    On the Farm, your child may pet and care for animals, plant vegetables and watch them grow and compost food scraps.

    In this interactive outdoor space, our students learn about plants, animals and taking care of our environment. The Farm is a very special feature on our sprawling preschool campus. We have created an unmatched environment with our 8-acre campus and facilities.

  • TimberNook

    TimberNook intricately weaves the therapeutic aspects of nature with its unique understanding of child development to create an outdoor program that supports every aspect of the growing child. Every TimberNook setting and activity is carefully analyzed for its therapeutic value. Each activity provides the opportunity for children to utilize all of their senses to the fullest. Our curriculum encourages complex social interactions, reasonable risk-taking, problem solving, fine motor skills, balance and overall strength, independent thought, tactile (touch) processing, proprioceptive (joint/muscle awareness) processing, multilevel learning, motor planning, and creativity.

  • Most importantly, TimberNook reveals the fun in outdoor play.

    Our students do everything from re-creating stories in nature to building elaborate designs and structures out in the woods to having enchanted forest. Unstructured free play is incorporated into every day, and children take the lead. Collage is a licensed provider of Timbernook.com

    “Nature is the ultimate sensory experience.” — Angela Hanscom, MOT, OTR/L (Founder and CEO, TimberNook)

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