Special Resources

  • Our special resources include art, library, Spanish, music and movement, physical education, yoga, an onsite farm, and a TimberNook program

  • Art

    Art education begins in young children as sensory exploration.

    We believe the arts play a crucial role creating well-rounded, well-prepared learners and leaders. Our Art program offers students the chance to become familiar with different famous artists and their impact on the world, while learning introductory, foundational Art skills and concepts. Check out our young artists!

  • Music and Movement

    Music is a language we all share.

    Exposure to music during early childhood has profound effects in the brains of our young learners. As with language development, young ears learn music naturally through hearing and participating in rhythm and melodies. Repetition and movement encourage fine and gross motor development as they shake a tambourine, pick a guitar, or twirl in the air. Children laugh, dance, and play instruments alongside their peers, developing their confidence, pride, and friendships.

  • Physical Education

    In Collage’s Physical Education Program, we focus on helping children discover and explore a diverse selection of activities that promote a lifelong healthy lifestyle. Our curriculum includes opportunities in physical, social, and emotional health education. The encouragement of risk taking, problem solving, choice, and self-challenge afford children an opportunity to learn about themselves in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Yoga

    Enlightening Minds. Opening Hearts. Empowering Children.

    Our yoga classes are play-based, designed to meet kids where they are at and instill the benefits of yoga in the youngest of yogis. In yoga class, children challenge their bodies and their minds as they build strength, focus, and friendships. The curriculum is simple: move, breathe, sing, dance and laugh!

  • Horticulture

    p>Learning about the natural world provides children an endless source of fascination. Enticing them to put their hands in the soil and their noses into flowers, a garden offers students a chance to fully immerse themselves in the experience of education. Only two generations ago, comfort and knowledge about the outdoors were normal parts of children’s daily lives. In Horticulture class, kids get these sensory experiences back, as students help clear weeds, water, fertilize, dig, plant, and discuss the amazing processes that bring healthy, nutritious foods from our gardens to our plates.


    STEAM is an approach to learning that results in children who take thoughtful risks, engage in hands-on learning, persist in problem solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process.

    STEAM adds the arts into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and focuses on using technology to teach art practices, elements, and design principles.

    Innovation is the difference between simply using technology and taking it beyond the instruction manual to bring ideas to life. The children that sign up for our STEAM programs will learn to take their ideas to the next level through advanced technology.

  • Wings

  • TimberNook

    TimberNook intricately weaves the therapeutic aspects of nature with its unique understanding of child development to create an outdoor program that supports every aspect of the growing child. Every TimberNook setting and activity is carefully analyzed for its therapeutic value. Each activity provides the opportunity for children to utilize all of their senses to the fullest. Our curriculum encourages complex social interactions, reasonable risk-taking, problem solving, fine motor skills, balance and overall strength, independent thought, tactile (touch) processing, proprioceptive (joint/muscle awareness) processing, multilevel learning, motor planning, and creativity.

  • Most importantly, TimberNook reveals the fun in outdoor play.

    Our students do everything from re-creating stories in nature to building elaborate designs and structures out in the woods to having enchanted forest. Unstructured free play is incorporated into every day, and children take the lead. Collage is a licensed provider of Timbernook.com

    “Nature is the ultimate sensory experience.” — Angela Hanscom, MOT, OTR/L (Founder and CEO, TimberNook)

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