• Thank you for your interest in Collage Day School! We appreciate you taking the time to explore our website and hope you get a clear picture of the Collage experience.
  • A leader in education, Collage’s unique learning community empowers students to be critical thinkers, creative and analytical writers, and confident self-advocates. The breadth of our curriculum also challenges children to investigate their infinite capacity to explore, question, discover, dream, create, and grow. At the heart of our community, all students work toward the building of character and developing a true sense of citizenship in all aspects of campus life and beyond. Whether on the nature trails, in the STEAM lab, or on stage, Collage students are confident, curious, and motivated.

    Central to the Collage experience are our exceptional faculty members who are lifelong learners and enjoy investigating alongside their students. Because of our small class sizes, every student is well known and supported. From Farm To Table to the Random Acts of Kindness Club, students are involved in every facet of the school. This strong sense of community highlights the interconnectivity of every person on campus and their unique and essential role within it. The initiatives and clubs include environmental, inclusivity, and global focuses that prepare our students for the realities of our ever-changing world. This is just a snapshot of what Collage offers its students and families, and as you’ll see, our students bring a variety of interests, talents, and personalities to campus. Across all grade levels, we celebrate and nurture this personal discovery and diversity. Of course, we encourage you to come see Collage for yourself! Please call the Admission Office at 904-900-1439 with any questions. I look forward to getting to know you!

    Leah Friedman, Ph.D.,
    Head of School