Privacy Acknowledgement

Privacy Policy Acknowledgment Form

  • I acknowledge that I have received a copy of the privacy policies from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which describe the exchange of information where criminal record results will become part of the Care Provider Background Screening Clearinghouse.

    I understand and agree that I will read and comply with the guidelines contained in the privacy policies.

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    This notice is to inform you that when you submit a set of fingerprints to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) for the purpose of conducting a search for any Florida and national criminal history records that may pertain to you, the results of that search will be returned to the Care Provider Background Screening Clearinghouse. By submitting fingerprints, you are authorizing the dissemination of any state and national criminal history record that may pertain to you to the Specified Agency or Agencies from which you are seeking approval to be employed, licensed, work under contract, or to serve as a volunteer, pursuant to the National Child Protection Act of 1993, as amended, and Section 943.0542, Florida Statutes. "Specified agency" means the Department of Health, the Department of Children and Family Services, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation within the Department of Education, the Agency for Health Care Administration, the Department of Elder Affairs, the Department of Juvenile Justice, and the Agency for Persons with Disabilities when these agencies are conducting state and national criminal history background screening on persons who provide care for children or persons who are elderly or disabled. The fingerprints submitted will be retained by FDLE and the Clearinghouse will be notified if FDLE receives Florida arrest information on you.

    Your Social Security Number (SSN) is needed to keep records accurate because other people may have the same name and birth date. Disclosure of your SSN is imperative for the performance of the Clearinghouse agencies’ duties in distinguishing your identity from that of other persons whose identification information may be the same as or similar to yours.

    Licensing and employing agencies are allowed to release a copy of the state and national criminal record information to a person who requests a copy of his or her own record if the identification of the record was based on submission of the person’s fingerprints. Therefore, if you wish to review your record, you may request that the agency that is screening the record provide you with a copy. After you have reviewed the criminal history record, if you believe it is incomplete or inaccurate, you may conduct a personal review as provided in s. 943.056, F.S., and Rule 11C8.001, F.A.C. If national information is believed to be in error, the FBI should be contacted at 304-625-2000. You can receive any national criminal history record that may pertain to you directly from the FBI, pursuant to 28 CFR Sections 16.30-16.34. You have the right to obtain a prompt determination as to the validity of your challenge before a final decision is made about your status as an employee, volunteer, contractor, or subcontractor.

    Until the criminal history background check is completed, you may be denied unsupervised access to children, the elderly, or persons with disabilities.

    The FBI’s Privacy Statement follows on a separate page and contains additional information.

  • US Department of Justice

    Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Criminal Justice Information Services Division


    Authority: The FBl's acquisition, preservation, and exchange of information requested by this form is generally authorized under 28 U.S.C. 534. Depending on the nature of your application, supplemental authorities include numerous Federal statutes, hundreds of State statutes pursuant to Pub.L. 92-544, Presidential executive orders, regulations, and/or orders of the Attorney General of the United States, or other authorized authorities. Examples include, but are not limited to: 5 U.S.C. 9101; Pub.L. 94-29; Pub.L. 101-604; and Executive Orders 10450 and 12968. Providing the requested information is voluntary; however, failure to furnish the information may affect timely completion or approval of your application.

    Social Security Account Number (SSAN). Your SSAN is needed to keep records accurate because other people may have the same name and birth date. Pursuant to the Federal Privacy Act of 1974 (5 USC 552a), the requesting agency is responsible for informing you whether disclosure is mandatory or voluntary, by what statutory or other authority your SSAN is solicited, and what uses will be made of it. Executive Order 9397 also asks Federal agencies to use this number to help identify individuals in agency records.

    Principal Purpose: Certain determinations, such as employment, security, licensing, and adoption, may be predicated on fingerprint-based checks. Your fingerprints and other information contained on (and along with) this form may be submitted to the requesting agency, the agency conducting the application investigation, and/or FBI for the purpose of comparing the submitted information to available records in order to identify other information that may be pertinent to the application. During the processing of this application, and for as long thereafter as may be relevant to the activity for which this application is being submitted, the FBI may disclose any potentially pertinent information to the requesting agency and/or to the agency conducting the investigation. The FBI may also retain the submitted information in the FBI's permanent collection of fingerprints and related information, where it will be subject to comparisons against other submissions received by the FBI. Depending on the nature of your application, the requesting agency and/or the agency conducting the application investigation may also retain the fingerprints and other submitted information for other authorized purposes of such agency(ies).

    Routine Uses: The fingerprints and information reported on this form may be disclosed pursuant to your consent, and may also be disclosed by the FBI without your consent as permitted by the Federal Privacy Act of 1974 (5 USC 552a(b)) and all applicable routine uses as may be published at any time in the Federal Register, including the routine uses for the FBI Fingerprint Identification Records System (Justice/FBI- 009) and the FBl's Blanket Routine Uses (Justice/FBI-BRU). Routine uses include, but are not limited to, disclosures to: appropriate governmental authorities responsible for civil or criminal law enforcement, counterintelligence, national security or public safety matters to which the information may be relevant; to State and local governmental agencies and nongovernmental entities for application processing as authorized by Federal and State legislation, executive order, or regulation, including employment, security, licensing, and adoption checks; and as otherwise authorized by law, treaty, executive order, regulation, or other lawful authority. If other agencies are involved in processing this application, they may have additional routine uses.

    Additional Information: The requesting agency and/or the agency conducting the application investigation will provide you additional information pertinent to the specific circumstances of this application, which may include identification of other authorities, purposes, uses, and consequences of not providing requested information. In addition, any such agency in the Federal Executive Branch has also published notice


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