Before and After Care

  • We offer Before/After Care (Primary/Elementary School Communities, 5-7 years old) and Optional Care (Preschool to Grade 6)

  • Collage Day School provides Before and After Care for parents that need or desire it. For children in the Early Childhood Development Community, parents may choose from half-day tuition or full-day tuition for extended.

    For children in the Primary & Elementary School Communities, we offer a variety of before and after care options, based on length of time and number of days each week when care is desired.

    During the time spent in before and after care, students enjoy structured and unstructured social activities while reaping the benefits of weekly themes and lessons. We promote pro-social behaviors addressing topics such as the basics of friendship, conversation skills, team-playing, emotion regulation and body safety. We strive to seize each moment to create valuable teaching opportunities while providing a safe and nurturing environment.

    • Meraki Monday – Doing something with soul, creativity, and love – when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing, creatively or whatever it may be.
    • Tuney Tuesday – music themed- will include rhythmic rhymes. Musical movements and songs as well as instrument activities.
    • Why? Wednesday – Science & Fun! Tapping into the investigative nature and natural curiosity to inspire young minds to explore the world around them.
    • Thoughtful Thursday – empathy and compassion through creative activities to build leadership and teamwork skills.
    • Fitness Friday – physical activities (dance, yoga & group games) to build concentration and attentiveness.

    Goals for our Before and After Care are:
    • To encourage appropriate behavior and developing friendships
    • To relate play to your child’s physical, social, intellectual and emotional growth

    Additional Optional Care for Preschool to Grade 6

    Optional Care Program
  • Aftercare FAQ

    What is Aftercare?

    Aftercare is a program for children who stay on campus after the school day ends. We facilitate fun activities to enrich the minds of children and teach them new and exciting skills. Creativity is fostered through learning and play, with activities including crafts, games, outdoor time, storytelling, and much more. The Aftercare program is provided by Mandala Family Wellness and all staff members are CPR and First Aid certified.

    Aftercare includes participation in Enrichment classes, which are structured learning programs organized around specific topics and activities of interest, such as dance, exercise, cooking, and many more.  All of our aftercare children can attend up to two Enrichment classes per day.

    What are the hours for Aftercare?

    Our program starts immediately after school, at 2:30, and ends at 6:00.

    Our Enrichment classes are an hour in length and run from 2:30-3:30 and 3:30-4:30.   From 4:30-6, children in Aftercare are provided free choice time for play. 

    We do not allow pick-up during Enrichment classes, so we ask that parents pick up their children before the Enrichment class starts or after it has ended to avoid disruptions. After the last Enrichment class has ended at 4:30, parents may pick up at any time.  Therefore, students participating in Aftercare can be picked up at 3:30 or any time from 4:30 to 6:00.

    What if I’m running late to pick up my child?

    In the event that a parent is not able to pick up their child by their designated pick-up time, parents should contact the school no less than 15 minutes before their scheduled pick-up to inform them of a late arrival. If we have been notified at least 15 minutes ahead of time that a child will be picked up late, the associated cost of extended aftercare is $14 per hour. If we do not receive a phone call and your child has not been picked up by their designated pick up time, we will then call the emergency contacts listed for your child to inform them that the child needs to be picked up. Cost of additional time will be the parent’s responsibility at the rate of $1 per minute. If we have not heard from a parent or emergency contacts 30 minutes after their pick-up time, we are mandated to contact The Department of Children and Families. There is additional information about late pick-up in the Collage Day School Student Handbook.

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