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    Tuition and fees enable Collage Day School to provide the best for your child. We work to maximize your child’s strengths and help overcome any challenges to ensure success in middle school and beyond. We invest in hiring and providing professional development opportunities to make sure that we have the best in administration leadership, teachers and child development staff who all work together to create an individualized learning plan for your child.  For specific tuition information, please visit the educational community of your choice under the academics section.


    • Collage Day School is a kind, caring and understanding organization that helped my family and child in a holistic approach.

      Dr. Katie Falwell
      Founder & CEO


    We believe that economic diversity enriches the educational opportunity for all families and is critical to the health of our school. We are committed to making a Collage education accessible to everyone.

    Collage Day School uses indexed tuition to make it possible for families from different economic circumstances to attend. We assess each family’s ability to pay in order to assign an appropriate tuition rate.

    For more information, please contact Sheila Tabassian, Director of Admissions,, 904.900.1439.

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