TimberNook Nature Experience

  • We offer a TimberNook Nature Experience and TimberNook Camp Experience

    In addition to being part of Collage Day School’s Enrichment Program for its students, TimberNook Northeast Florida is open to all children in the area, ages 2 through fifth grade, in camps that Collage offers to the general community during Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer. Timbernook NEFL’s director, Emily Vasquez, has received five days of intensive training at TimberNook’s 60-acre wooded headquarters in Barrington, New Hampshire, where she learned different qualities and techniques that make a strong Timbernook program.

    “TimberNook’s approach to creative play is so inspiring for children to get involved in their own unique way. During my training, I witnessed children improving all aspects of their development in a way that is meaningful for them rather than adult directed,” Emily Vasquez, director of Collage’s Health & Wellness program, says. “I was amazed at the accomplishments the campers achieved on a daily basis. The best part was when the children recognized those achievements and showed their excitement in the form of cheers and high-fives. TimberNook is a perfect fit for Collage as it benefits the whole child while adding all that nature has to offer.”

    TimberNook was founded by Angela Hanscom, a pediatric occupational therapist, who noticed that the kids in her children’s circle of friends in Barrington, New Hampshire, rarely played outdoors anymore. She became concerned when she observed that children, in general, seemed weaker, had poorer balance and were less creative than they should be based on their developmental ages. Using her occupational therapy skill-set and ability to analyze activities for their therapeutic value, combined with her background in kinesiology, Hanscom created a program, TimberNook, that places children outdoors while enhancing and fostering child development. The award-winning nature-based program has since gained international popularity, with providers in 11 U.S. states, Australia and New Zealand (www.timbernook.com).

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