The Sciences

  • Green STEAM hands-on science activities and virtual labs increase student learning, engagement, and motivation

  • The letters stand for science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics, but what does a STEAM education really mean? For example, daily science instruction incorporates hands-on activities and virtual labs. Mathematics is integrated into all science instruction as well as taught as a separate subject. Technology enhances instruction in all curriculum areas. Inquiry and problem-based learning frame instruction and foster environmental responsibility.

  • Arts integration connects elements of curriculum across content fields and increases student learning, engagement, and motivation. Arts integration at Collage includes using the arts as a resource for other disciplines such as investigating big ideas through the study of the arts; using the arts to interpret ideas or themes in other subjects; and understanding life-centered issues through a combination of the arts and other subjects.

    By focusing on local landscape, history, culture and context, learning takes on specificity and moves from the abstract to the concrete, engaging students with their surroundings. The sustainability and conservation principles embraced by Collage provide opportunities for hands-on, project based learning about nature, health, and citizenship.