Camp Collage

  • At this time, weeks 1-8 of Camp Collage are currently full for children three years and 6-9 yrs. Please contact us to be placed on the wait list.

  • Consistent with the mission of Collage, our camp program aims to cultivate a sense of wonder in each child and curiosity for the natural world. We inspire creativity, collaboration with others, and confidence to engage in new experiences.

    Nine weeks in length
    Beginning Monday, June 1 through Friday, July 31

    Ages – As of June 1st:
    3 years through 9 years
    Child must be fully potty trained

    Half day 9am-12pm:
    $150 per week
    Full day 9am-3pm: $225 per week
    Registration Fee: $50 for first child, not to exceed $75 for two or more children in same household

    Half day students who wish to attend full day Friday field trips will pay $50 extra.
    Otherwise they will stay onsite for campus field trips.

    Children ages 3-4 years old will take part in campus field trip events.

    Before Care/AfterCare $12 an hour

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  • Week 1

    Superheroes of Summer (June 1st – 5th)
    (June 3-7)

    Do you have a tiny superhero in the making? Join us for ‘Superheroes of Summer.’ This exciting kickoff to our summer program extends beyond costumes and comic books and has students exploring first-hand what it means to be a hero—an adventurous child admired for their courage, kindness and bravery. Students will engage in hands-on discovery of their own heroic traits and skills through immersive project-based learning opportunities both within the classroom and in the beautiful outdoors of our 8-acre campus. ‘Superheroes of Summer’ in celebration of adventurous and brave children ready for a summer full of fun

    – Superhero in-Training’ obstacle courses
    – Survival skill and agility training
    – Creation of Super-hero costume
    – Character education

    Field Trip:
    Brace yourself for all-out adventure and excitement!
    Our indoor family entertainment facility offers 40,000 square feet of fun—including 17,000 square feet of wall-to-wall trampolines! Host an epic birthday party, or gather with friends, family, and co-workers in a perfect party venue!”

    Please click here to learn more about the Velocity field trip (ages 5-8)

  • Week 2

    Full-STEAM Ahead
    (June 8th – 12th)

    ‘Full-STEAM Ahead’ is a fast-paced, interactive experience for campers to explore the sciences. Days are messy, loud, colorful, and hands-on. A multitude of learning opportunities are available for campers to encourage critical thinking and ignite each child’s natural curiosity in areas such as technology, engineering, nature exploration and architecture. We will combine all aspects of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, in order to bring lessons to life with our project-based learning approach. Our engaging field trip to the MOSH museum will encourage exploration as students venture through the many exciting and educational exhibits. Join us for ‘Full-STEAM Ahead’ if your child is ready to dive into this immersive camp experience!

    – Hands-on Experiments in Engineering, Technology, Architecture, and much more
    – Exploring our world from smallest to largest

    Field Trip:
    MOSH “With galleries and exhibits that excite the imagination and inspire creativity for people of all ages, MOSH invites guests to broaden their world through science and history.”

    Please click here to learn more about the MOSH field trip (ages 5-8)

  • Week 3

    Artists in Action: Artists of the World
    (June 15th – 19th)

    Is your camper a Little-Picasso or Mini-Matisse? Camp Collage’s ‘Artists in Action: Artists of the World’ has our campers engaging in a range of projects that pay homage to famous artists of the world. Driven by student interest, painting class may be working on landscapes featuring the teachings of Monet or developing portraits in the style of Rembrandt. Our campers will have the freedom to express themselves through a variety of art mediums—including painting, drawing, sculpting and paper-mache. They’ll glean inspiration from the natural world while exploring our eight-acre campus full of wooded trails. At the end of the week, campers will enjoy an in-school field sponsored by the Cummer Museum, which holds one of the finest art collections in the Southeast. During this immersive trip, students will be exposed to amazing works of art reminiscent of those they studied all week in camp. After creating their very own masterpieces all week, campers will exhibit their work which will be open to parents and the community.

    – Painting
    – Drawing
    – Sculpting
    – Natural pottery
    – Paper Mache
    – Cultural enrichment
    – Case-studies of world-renowned artists: Kandinsky, Seurat, Pollock, Mondrian, Monet

    Field Trip:
    In-School Field Trip: Cummer Museum

  • Week 4

    Road Trippin’ Across the USA: Discovering our Nation’s State Parks and Landmarks
    (June 22nd – 26th)

    During ‘Road Trippin’ Across the USA’, campers will explore uncharted territories from Mt. Ranier to Yosemite. Each child will devote time to learning about our nation and discovering the infinite wonders of nature. Each day of camp will feature exploration leading to a specific state park or landmark. Exciting features of the destination, it’s history and prestige will be shared and experienced through hands-on learning activities. The finale of this fun-filled week of exploration will highlight an in-school ‘Summer Snow Day’ featuring nostalgic snow day activities that will satisfy any wintry dreams brought upon by the summer’s heat. If your camper enjoys learning about our nation’s treasures while experiencing new traditions, ‘Road Trippin’ Across the USA’ is for you!

    Field Trip:
    In-School Field Trip: Summer Snow Day
    – Snow machines
    – Snow cones
    – Sand-snowmen competition

  • Week 5

    Summer Sports Kids
    (June 29th – July 2nd)
    *Collage Day School will be closed on Friday, July 3rd, in observance of Independence Day.

    This week we celebrate the 4th of July with our campers! With traditional backyard games, outdoor fun and patriotic lessons, campers will gear up for their weekend celebrations with these summer sports classics. Campers will engage in a variety of summer favorites that keep them moving, learning and having a blast! While working with other campers, students will learn the importance of team building, sportsmanship and perseverance as they engage in various athletic activities all geared towards celebrating our countries birthday in a patriotic atmosphere!

    – Sportsmanship lessons
    – Athletic agility practice
    – Athletic safety
    – Sports from around the world

    Field Trip:
    In-School Field Trip: Fun Bus

  • Week 6

    Awesome Animals and the World We Share
    (July 6th – 10th)

    Lions + tigers + bears – oh my! This week is all about animals and is sure to be perfect for your little animal lover. Campers will have the opportunity to explore the natural world of animals and the importance of the relationship we share with them on our planet. Students will explore various mediums to express their responsibility to our environment; art, literature, and hands on outdoor exploration. At the end of the week we will take a field trip, just a short drive down the road, to Fantasy Farm to see a beautiful variety of exotic birds, horses, donkeys and much more!

    – Exploring our responsibility to animals and the environment
    – Live animal excursion
    – Learning how animals contribute to our ecosystem

  • Week 7

    ‘Adventure Heroes: The Heroes Among Us’
    (July 13th – 17th)

    Does your child idealize superheroes? Does he/she know there are real life action hero’s living right here with us? Let your little hero experience the thrill of ‘Adventure Heroes: The Heroes Among Us’ and discover the hero within themself! Police officers, Firefighters, soldiers and teachers alike—all are heroes in their own right. During this action-packed week, students will delve into what makes a true hero through experiential learning. This week’s activities will keep campers challenging themselves and collaborating as a team, as they face each new endeavor throughout the week. This dynamic week will culminate with an exciting visit from some of Ponte Vedra’s hometown heroes. Enroll your little hero today!

    – Visits with community service members
    – Character education: traits of a hero

    Field Trip:
    In-School Field Trip: ‘Local Heroes Showcase’

  • Week 8

    ‘Artists in Action: The Artist in You’
    July 20th – 24th)

    Camp Collage’s ‘Artists in Action: The Artist in You’ has the creator in each of our campers leading the way! Students will have the opportunity to create works of art through various mediums to bring out their inner artist. With opportunities to paint, draw, create jewelry, sculpt and tie-dye, our campers will discover their inspiration. They’ll glean inspiration from the natural world while exploring our eight-acre campus full of wooded trails. During the “in-school” field trip, students will spend time with a local artist in the outside environment as they discover the natural beauty that surrounds us daily. After creating their very own masterpieces, campers will exhibit their work to share with parents and teachers alike. Enroll your ‘mini-Matisse’ today!

    – Painting
    – Drawing
    – Sculpting
    – Jewelry-Making
    – Pottery
    – Paper Mache
    – Cultural Enrichment
    – Garden Art

    Field Trip:
    In-School Field Trip: ‘Shoebox Parade’

  • Week 9

    ‘Out of This World: A Week in Space’
    (July 27th – 31st)

    3, 2, 1 …. BLAST OFF! Collage Day School’s ‘Out of This World’ camp is rocketing to the top of camper’s summer wish-list! During this exciting week, campers will learn about and experience galactic wonder through hands-on educational lessons and interactive experiences. The week will culminate with a visit to the planetarium in Collage’s own Learning Commons! Students will watch in amazement as they explore the galaxy and learn all about outer space! Your camper is sure to be left with stars in his/her eyes by the end of the week.

    Field Trip:
    In-School Field Trip: ‘Planetarium’

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