Preschool Community

  • Low student-to-teacher ratios allow our preschool community to learn critical thinking, problem solving, cooperative learning, and curiosity

  • Prepping Preschoolers for Lifelong Learning

    Students should enter Preschool with a healthy curiosity, readiness skills, an eagerness to learn and abundant energy. Our highly qualified preschool teachers provide a wealth of learning strategies to meet the needs of students. The Collage Team fosters these attributes and strategies, engaging students in an active learning process. Teachers provide direct instruction as well as hands-on activities that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, cooperative learning and facilitation of child-driven inquiry. Instruction is differentiated – utilizing a blend of whole group, flexible small group and individual instruction – allowing students to develop skills at a pace that aligns with their individual levels and abilities.

    Our low student-to-teacher ratio allows teachers to create personal relationships with students, identify their strengths and weakness and individualize instruction to appropriately challenge and support each of them. Our preschool curriculum provides students with foundational success in the domains of language arts, mathematics, science/discovery, social and emotional, and physical motor. Students in our prekindergarten-3 program participate in weekly classes to enrich their learning in the areas of Spanish, Music, Art, Physical Education, and Yoga.

    The Collage team ensures our students have plentiful opportunities to move and use their bodies in healthy ways and to spend time outdoors in the natural environment. Our faculty and students make full use of the entire campus for classwork as well as enrichment opportunities in the visual and performing arts, physical education, laboratory experiences and hands-on learning in nature.

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  • Teachers in our Preschool Community:

    • Encourage each child to develop at an individual pace and to his or her fullest potential
    • Help each child develop a sense of responsibility for one’s own actions as well as responsibility for and awareness of the surrounding community
    • Continue to develop each child’s sense of respect for others and for the environment
    • Nurture a love of learning, creativity and logical thinking
    • Teach each child skills that can be used throughout life
    • Work to integrate home and school through parent education and parent-teacher conferences
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