Elementary Community

  • Encouraging Excellence in Elementary Students

    Collage’s Elementary School Community is designed to continue the development of well-rounded students with a well-balanced curriculum that engages them intellectually, emotionally and physically. In addition to taking challenging academic courses in English, world languages, math, science, and social studies, students also participate in a broad range of experiences in physical education, the environment, visual and performing arts, technology and service learning.

    We help students develop the tools to be problem solvers, innovators, creators and change makers by matching the unique learning profile of each student with individualized instruction. Because they are engaged with professionals who understand how they learn and who they are as individuals, students learn to love learning.

    Collage teachers cultivate academic excellence by building upon this joy in learning and celebrating our students’ innate curiosity. Students are encouraged to express their independence and use their imagination as part of learning to become the leaders of tomorrow. They are motivated to respect themselves, each other and our planet.

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  • Teachers in our Elementary School Community:

    • Allow students to master their specific areas of strengths, while being empowered to try emerging areas of interests
    • Guide students in understanding the concept of time and time management as part of setting and reaching goals
    • Help students discover the social skills they will need to interact effectively with others in their community
    • Enable students to develop an awareness and appreciation for people outside of their community
    • Provide opportunities for students to become responsible for their own actions
    • Teach students about respect for local environments and our world as a whole
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