• Our Pre-Kindergarten Program encourages learning with free and guided play to develop confidence and new skills

    Pre-Kindergarten at Collage Day School

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  • Pre-Kindergarten

    Our unique, sensory focused developmentally appropriate curriculum surpasses the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards for Four Year Olds and Teaching Strategies Gold Objectives for development and Learning. We honor childhood with playful learning experiences for children that include loose parts and natural materials. Free play and guided play lead to joyful and conceptually rich learning experiences for children. During guided play, the teacher provides guidance to help a child make a meaningful connection or practice a skill in context with immediate feedback. In addition, children develop skills in symbolic representation, spatial reasoning and social-emotional skills as they engage in play with their peers. All of these skills positively impact academic learning. Children’s social and emotional competence is predictive of their success in school.

    Our highly-qualified teachers bring a wealth of experience to the prekindergarten program at Collage Day School and provide students with the pre-requisite skills needed to be successful in kindergarten programs. Our instructional curriculum focuses on the whole child approach by incorporating language arts, mathematics, science, writing, and social skills. Students in our prekindergarten participate in weekly enrichment classes in the areas of Spanish, art, physical education, music, and yoga.

  • Collage Day School empowers children to succeed as skilled communicators, keen observers of nature, and creative thinkers to become responsible citizens and innovative leaders.

    Collage’s curriculum approach calls children to linger, explore and discover.  Our classrooms are aesthetically arranged to engage the senses in a calm and peaceful environment.  Children learn age appropriate skills through hands-on investigations that are open-ended and child directed. Our classes are small with a 1:9 ratio and a maximum of 18 children in a class. Our students perform very well on their prekindergarten assessments and demonstrate creativity, self-control, persistence and confidence.

    Pre-Kindergarten At-A-Glance
  • You can expect to see the following in our Pre-Kindergarten classrooms each day:

    • Laughter
    • Child-directed Learning
    • Positive Peer Interactions
    • Engaged Students
    • Process Art
    • Provocations for Children to Explore
    • Aesthetically Beautiful Setting
    • Confident Children
    • Differentiation and Individualization
    • Hands-on Learning
    • Evidence of the Natural Environment including Nature Art
    • 21st century skills including communication, collaboration, critical and creative thinking
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