• Collage Day School empowers students to succeed as skilled communicators, keen observers of nature and creative thinkers to become responsible citizens and innovative leaders. The Collage Day School Distance Learning Program allows for families to embrace the nature-based learning approach while also infusing academics to formulate the whole-child approach. Families have the ability to select the program that best meets the needs of each student and participate in methodology that promotes continued success. All of our programs are facilitated by certified teachers who are intentional about instruction.

  • O.W.L.S.

    The Owl serves as the mascot of Collage Day School and symbolizes the learning that occurs on our 8-acre campus. Collage Day School offers the ability for students to receive a robust level of instruction that is intertwined with all nature provides for us. O.W.L, our distance learning program, pairs the resources of teachers and parents to construct a platform that takes imagination to the next level.

  • Observe

    Supplemental Resources Only

    Students have a natural tendency to serve as observers. Observations increase a student’s ability to develop communication and social-emotional learning skills in a natural setting. The Observe Program allows for students to attend resources such as art, music, PE, yoga, Spanish, and Timbernook on-site while completing an academic curriculum independent of Collage Day School. Each resource session is geared towards the developmental level of each student with different groups scheduled for preschool and elementary.

  • Wonder (waitlist)

    Distance Learning

    Wonder drives the progressive educational approach at Collage Day School. Student interests and academics are infused together to create a learning environment that further develops the instructional levels of students. With the wonder program, students participate in distance learning offsite using live instruction paired with curriculum resources. Live instruction consists of daily language arts and math sessions paired with weekly science and social studies lessons. The Wonder Program allows for students to follow the academic trajectory of their peer group while in the comfort of their home. Progression is documented using progress reports and report cards to ensure students are meeting age and grade-level objectives. Students in the Wonder Program do not participate in the on-site resources offered at Collage Day School.

  • Learn (waitlist)

    Hybrid Resource Distance Learning

    Learning embodies the ability to learn academic standards and generalize into the natural setting. With this methodology, students participate in optimal learning experiences and collaborate with both academic and resource teachers. The Learn Program allows students to infuse the progressive educational approach with both the Observe and Wonder aspects. Students participate in distance learning while also having the ability to attend on-site resources to spark innovation and curiosity.

  • Synchronous

    Cooperative Learning Model

    Synchronous learning allows students to participate in a distance learning platform of their choice while using experienced Collage Day School Staff to facilitate curricula onsite. This program provides the opportunity for families to ensure continuity with distance learning and their student’s home school. Parents can continue to work and attend to their daily routines knowing their students receive instruction in a safe and controlled setting with limited disruptions that adhere to safety and health regulations. Collage Day School staff serve as the liaison between students and home school distance learning staff to ensure educational growth. Parents can add the “Observe” program for an additional fee to provide access to the wealth of onsite resource classes offered at Collage Day School.

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