SOAR: Gifted Program

PreK to Grade 5
  • SOAR Gifted Program students work in small groups blending collaborative learning, problem solving, and creative thinking

  • Positively Impacting Students Futures

    SOAR (Student of Academic Recognition) is a program designed for gifted students. Gifted and talented students and those with high abilities often need gifted education programs that will challenge them in regular classroom settings. In addition, these students benefit from enrichment and accelerated programs that will enable them to make continuous progress in school. Gifted programming has been proven to positively influence students’ futures – not only in elementary and secondary schools, but in post-secondary plans and even in college and graduate school. Studies also show that students who participate in gifted programs, maintain their interests over time and stay involved in creative, productive work after they finish college and graduate school.

    At Collage Day School, we offer the essential components of successful gifted programs: low student-teacher ratios, individualized curricula and inquiry-based teaching methods – all led by Gifted Endorsed/Certified faculty. Rest assured, students graduating from the Collage Day School’s Gifted Program will be well-prepared for acceptance into Gifted/IB programs at the secondary level.

    Parent Resource: Why Are Gifted Programs Needed?

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  • What to expect from our Enrichment Program:

    • Document Based Questioning
    • Model Elicit Activities
    • Research
    • Science Experiments
    • Guided Reading Groups
    • Higher Order Thinking
    • Collaboration Activities
    • Vocabulary Building
    • Logic Puzzles
    • Real-World Math
    • STEM activities
    • Exposure to Engineering

  • Meet our SOAR Teacher:

    Mary Claire Hopkins holds a Masters in Education in Educational Leadership and a Bachelor’s in PreK Primary Education from the University of North Florida. Additionally, she holds an ESOL Endorsement and is certified Pre-K through 6th Grade. Mary Claire has nearly ten years of academic experience in both the classroom and in administration. Coming from a “whole child” educational background, she believes all academic opportunities should be offered with children’s developmental stages and abilities in mind. Mary Claire’s love for and knowledge of arts, music, and nature helps create a fun and engaging experience in the classroom fueled by children’s natural curiosity of the world. As a certified yoga instructor, she values the importance of body movement and mindfulness. Outside of school, Mary Claire enjoys spending time with her family, running & training, and traveling.

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