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  • Come learn! Come create! Come experience!

    Our engaging and stimulating enrichment classes foster the creativity, curiosity, and advanced thinking of all our students. We offer a variety of classes for the mind, for the body and for the heart, all with your child’s personal developmental goals in mind. 

    All all classes that fall on holidays will be made up during the intermission period between enrichment cycles.

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    September 9 – November 1

    Choose from our list of amazing classes. Art, Fitness, Book Club, Soccer, STEAM, Music, Cooking, and Yoga, Oh My!

     Enrichment Schedule


  • Monday

  • Fitness Friends

    Ms. Ashley- (8 week- $160 or $22 per class)
    Physical activity is vital for a child’s health. It helps with concentration, attentiveness, sleep and keeping kids healthy as they grow into adults. Fitness Friends uses fun exercises to increase gross & fine motor skills, builds balance and coordination, as well as helps children gain strength and self-confidence. .

  • Junior Chefs

    Ms. Janna – (8 week- $200 or $27 per class)
    Students will prepare delicious food while learning nutrition, culinary techniques, culture, and healthy eating. We will also explore international cuisine and generational recipes. Students will learn how to read recipes, measure, make predictions, and work collaboratively to create culinary works of art.

  • Tuesday

  • Nature ART

    Ms. Alisha – (8 weeks- $200 or $27 per class)
    Do you have a child that loves art? Loves to be outside and create? Well, this nature art class is the class for them! Our nature art class builds imagination, creativity, and self-confidence through art. Students will work with various mediums such as, painting, drawing, and sculpting while creating original works of art with nature.

  • Treasure Box Book Club

    Ms. Erica- (8 weeks-$160 or $22 per class)
    Open the treasure of reading with this kids book club, and explore the world of reading, imagination and creativity. Students will discover the magic of a good book!

  • Wednesday

  • Animal Yoga

    Ms. Rayne – (8 weeks-$160 or $22 per class)
    Children will benefit from yoga practice in a variety of ways. The class will increase flexibility, boost concentration, build self-esteem, and promote a relaxed state of mind and body. With the use of animal poses and storytelling, students will learn in a unique environment that will help spark creativity, relaxation and imagination.


  • Soccer Stars

    Ms. Abby- (8 weeks-$160 or $22 per class)
    Get those feet moving with our new soccer class. Team members will learn the basic skills of soccer and play fun active games to learn the fundamentals of the sport. Through music and games, children will experience the joy of playing soccer and being active.


  • Thursday

  • Creative Kids

    Mrs. Katelyn – (8 week- $200 or $27 per class)
    This art class is aimed at unleashing creative potential and developing craft skills through the exploration of various art mediums and tools. Students will use their imaginations to create works of art. Let creativity flow and get crafty in this new and exciting class.

  • Ultimate Athlete

    Mr. Xzavier – (8 week- $160or $22 per class)
    Student athletes will learn the fundamentals of sportsmanship, learn agility drills and be given the tools to build a healthy lifestyle. This class explores different sports, allows students to participate in fun competitive games and engage in an array of athletic experiences.

  • Friday


    Ms. Kalyn – (8 week- $175 or $27 per class)
    The best way to learn is through experiments! STEAM immerses students in the excitement of the scientific method. Lessons cover Astronomy to Zoology and students will have a blast learning through experiments, hands on learning and group activities. This class will bring out the science lover in us all.

  • Collage Rocks

    Mr. Anthony – (8 week- $160or $22 per class)
    Mini musicians are created in this thrilling music class. Students work together to learn the introintricacies of playing in a group, listening to each other, feeling a strong connection to music, and practicing good musicianship. Students will have a blast learning the world of music.