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  • Come learn! Come create! Come experience!

    Our engaging and stimulating enrichment classes foster the creativity, curiosity, and advanced thinking of all our students. We offer a variety of classes for the mind, for the body and for the heart, all with your child’s personal developmental goals in mind. 

    All all classes that fall on holidays will be made up during the intermission period between enrichment cycles.

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     Enrichment Schedule


  • Monday


    Mrs. Jen – (8 week- $200 or $27 per class)
    Students will get their hands dirty while learning about the fundamentals of gardening. ROOTS will increase your child’s awareness of their environment and builds awareness for the natural world. Activities include planting, harvesting, watering, weeding, composting and the knowledge needed to support a healthy garden and diet.

  • Tiny Dancers

    Ms. Chelsea – (8 week- $200 or $27 per class)
    This ballet class is created to reach the hearts and minds of youngsters and introduce them to the world of ballet. Students will learn and explore flexibility, strength, balance, body placement and technique. This class will cover many of the basic positions; terms and steps of ballet and students will learn to express themselves through structured movement.

  • The Kindness Project

    Ms. Alisha – (8 weeks-$160 or $22 per class)
    The Kindness project promotes empathy and compassion through creative activities. Each week the students are given the tools to help make the world a better place through the exploration of emotions and self-awareness. Pay-it-forward and acts of philanthropy will be completed for an individual, group, community or respective school. Encouraging kind behavior promotes social and emotional well-being in all that participate.

  • Dinosaur Club

    Ms. Ellie – (8 weeks-$160 or $22 for per class)
    Gear Up! Learn about Dino species, hatch “Dino eggs” and get your hands dirty. We are headed into a dinosaur archaeology dig, and we need expert paleontologist for the job. Uncover fascinating facts and explore the dinosaurs that roamed the Earth millions of years ago.

  • Tuesday

  • Junior Chefs

    Ms. Erica – (8 week- $200 or $27 per class)
    Students will prepare delicious food, while learning nutrition, culinary techniques, culture and healthy eating. We will also explore international cuisine and generational recipes. Students will learn how to read recipes, measure, make predictions, and work collaboratively to create culinary works of art.

  • Little Leaders

    Ms. Niki & Dr. Keri – (8 weeks-$200 or $27 per class)
    Our signature adventure program combines leadership and teamwork skill development with exciting outdoor adventures. Face challenges, set goals, engage in obstacle courses and treasure hunts, and engage in trust-building practices in a safe and fun environment.

  • Running Club

    Ms. Toni – (8 weeks-$160 or $22 per class)
    Come Run With Us! Students will learn running form and technique while building endurance in our running club. This club will build character through exciting interactive games and a great workout.

  • Sunshine & Sign

    Ms. Jessica – (8 weeks-$160 or $22 per class)
    Language comes to us in many beautiful forms. Sign Language is learned though music, peer interaction and games in this unique class. Students will learn new ways to express themselves, practice a second language and communicate using sign.

  • Wednesday

  • Animal Yoga

    Ms. Rayne – (8 weeks-$160 or $22 per class)
    Children will benefit from yoga practice in a variety of ways including: increasing flexibility, boosting concentration, building self-esteem, and promoting a relaxed state of mind and body with the use of animal poses and storytelling. Students will learn in a unique environment that will help to spark creativity, relaxation and imagination.


  • GROW Outside

    Ms. Alisha – (8 weeks-$160 or $22 per class)
    Explore and nurture a connection with earth during GROW, our outdoor exploration and adventure enrichment class. Connect with nature, learn about the plants and wildlife that surrounds us and build confidence to deal with all sorts of outdoor challenges.


    Ms. Ashley B. – (8 week- $200 or $27 per class)
    The best way to learn is through experiments! STEAM immerses students in the excitement of the scientific method. Lessons cover Astronomy to Zoology and students will have a blast learning through experiments, hands on learning and group activities. This class will bring out the science lover in us all.

  • Discover ME

    Ms. Ellie – (8 weeks-$160 or $22 per class)
    Reach inside and see what you’re made of! Each week students explore feelings, present and future goals and have tons of fun exploring what makes them, THEM! Student will discover themselves through art, creativity, play and fun activities. All while strengthening their own identity through creative investigation, in Discover ME.

  • Thursday

  • Fitness Friends

    Ms. Jessica – (8 week- $200 or $27 per class)
    Physical activity is vital for a child’s health. Physical activity helps with concentration, attentiveness, sleep and keeping kids healthy as they grow into adults. Fitness Friends uses fun exercises to increase gross & fine motor skills, build balance and coordination as well as, gain strength and self-confidence.

  • Music Makers

    Mrs. Leslie – (8 week- $200 or $27 per class)
    Music is a universal language. Our amazing classes include rhythmic rhymes; musical movement, songs and instrument play activities. Students will have a blast dancing, singing and learning the world of music.

  • Spanish Adventuras

    Ms. Silimona – (8 weeks-$160 or $22 per class)
    Through games, songs, stories and movements, children will be not only introduced to the Spanish language but the culture as well. Go on an adventure with this special class and become a part of this multilingual world. Learning Spanish has never been so much fun!

  • Treasure Box Book Club

    Ms. Erica – (8 weeks-$160 or $22 per class)
    Open the treasure of reading, with this kids book club, and explore the world of reading, imagination and creativity. Each week, a new book will be discovered and children will make literary predictions, learn about the author and understand new vocabulary words. And most important, discover the magic of a good book!

  • Friday

  • Nature ART

    Ms. Chelsea – (8 week- $200 or $27 per class)
    Do you have a child that loves art? Loves to be outside and create? Well, this nature art class is the class for them! Our nature art class builds imagination, creativity and self-confidence through art. Students will work with various mediums such as, painting, drawing and sculpting all while creating original work of art with nature.

  • Young Doctors

    Ms. Jen – (8 week- $200 or $27 per class)
    Ignite your child’s passion today and have them join the Young Doctors enrichment class. Your child will discover the world of medicine, science and good health practice each week through exciting lessons and activities. Students will have the opportunity to role-play using real Doctor’s tools and discover how the body works.

  • Coastal Kicks Soccer

    Coastal Kicks Soccer
    Coastal Kicks Soccer will be offering programs for the 2018-2019 academic school year at Collage Day School. For students in the 3s and VPK classes, a professional coach will implement our nationally recognized curriculum for 3-4 year olds, which employs guided learning of basic ball mastery skills in a fun, age-appropriate environment. For Kindergartners through 2nd graders, a professional coach uses a games approach to teach the fundamental techniques of soccer.

    To register visit:
    http://coastalkicks.com/schoolprograms.html and click on the Collage Logo.

  • Culture Club

    Ms. Carley- (8 week- $200 or $27 per class)
    Expand your child’s world and deepen their understanding of other cultures each week during Culture Club. Students will learn about different countries and expand their understanding of other cultures, differences and similarities. Student will learn the unique traditions and values of others.

  •  A Kids Eye View

    Mrs. Ashley B. (8 weeks- $200 or $27 per class)
    A Kids Eye View will spark interest and boost creativity by bringing together the world of photography and journalism. This class offers students an opportunity to express themselves through both image and written word. Students will capture the world around them and create works of art to present in a Collage Kids Publication. Say Cheese!