Early Learning Community

  • We offer a safe, nurturing, and thriving early learning community environment for children 3 mos. to 2 years old in Ponte Vedra

  • Helping Young Learners Thrive

    Collage Day School offers the highest quality of care for our youngest learners by providing them with a safe, nurturing environment from which to explore the world around them. Our dedicated team of professionals relies on research-based practice, collaboration with families and ongoing monitoring of developmental milestones to ensure that each child is off to a healthy, happy start. Because we believe a robust early childhood education sets the stage for a future filled with a love of learning, we offer rich experiences to help our youngest children grow into joyful learners.

    Our highly skilled teachers are well-trained and genuinely care about each student and family. In viewing children as individuals, they can easily adjust to each child’s academic challenges as needed.

    Their goal is to maintain high academic expectations for each student, while recognizing that primary age children are naturally at various levels of emotional and cognitive growth. Our programs allow for the celebration of all talents and achievements along the developmental continuum.

  • Teachers in our Early Childhood Development Community:

    • Assist each child in learning how to become a separate individual from his or her parents
    • Provide a safe and supportive environment that encourages each child to explore and experience concepts and skills
    • Offer a language-rich environment through use of books, nursery rhymes and music
    • Encourage each child to self-care and care for the environment
    • Build each child’s positive self-concept and self-confidence
    • Create a social environment built on a sense of community and respect
    • Use art work and objects from nature to nurture each child’s creativity
    • Support parents by providing them with educational tools and opportunities for participation
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