Collage Specialty Summer Programming


Four weeks in length. Beginning Monday, June 7th, through Friday, July 2nd.

Ages as of June 1st

7 years through 10 years old.


Half day 9:00am – 12:00pm for $200/week |Full day 9:00am – 3:00pm for $300/week

Registration Fee: $50 per child, not to exceed $75 for two or more children in the same household.

Half day students who wish to attend full day Friday field trips will pay $50 extra. Otherwise they will stay onsite for campus field trips.

Before Care and or After Care cost is $12hour.

Week 2 – Kaleidoscope

June 7 – June 11

Art provides a kaleidoscope of learning opportunities that channels learning through multiple senses.  During week two of elementary summer programming, we will look to contemporary and modern artists for inspiration as we learn how to use different materials and processes to express our ideas about the world around us. Students will dive into clay, printmaking, fiber arts, and painting. The week will also incorporate children’s literature, music, and creative challenges by incorporating an onsite museum and field trip to the Cummer Museum.

Week 3 – Yoga

June 14 – June 18

Yoga encompasses all areas of learning and allows us to build the whole child. During week three of Summer Camp, we will look at what yoga is, where it comes from and how it is ever-present in our lives. We will immerse ourselves in a world of cultural knowledge and mindfulness by practicing yoga breathing, poses, and playing games to connect with our friends and inner self. We will learn how this millennial practice connects to science, art, music, and literature and promotes physical and mental well-being. We hope children will learn and keep an open mindset throughout their lives.

Week 4 – Dance

June 21 – June 25

Dance is a universal language that increases the emotional and mental health of students. In addition, dance fosters physical fitness while stimulating agility and flexibility. During this week, we will explore dance and movement while developing the excitement and skills to create our own choreography! We will learn about several different styles of dance including ballet, jazz, modern, Irish Step Dance, and more! All leading up to a performance from our students at the end of the week to show off what they have learned.

Week 5 – Amazing Athletes

June 28 – July 2

Coming Soon!


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