After-School Enrichment Membership Program

  • Collage Day School’s After-School Enrichment Membership Program provides a variety of fun and educational classes for kids in one location at an all-inclusive price. Enrollment is open to students of Collage Day School – and to all community children – who are 2 to 11 years old.

    The program is an unbeatable package and provides teachable moments for all children. Children can pick and choose from a wide variety of classes, which teach everything from health and wellness, to social skills and manners, to creativity and more. The purpose of these classes is to enhance “the whole child.”

  • Enrichment Classes

    May be offered at various times throughout the year

    • TimberNook Nature Experiences  – This internationally recognized program combines the therapeutic aspects of nature with child development research and experience to create an outdoor program that supports every aspect of the growing child. Kids venture into the wood for creative play opportunities that engage the mind and challenge the senses, putting Collage Day School’s 8-acre campus to full use.
    • Picasso Painters – Kids become transformed into miniature Picassos! Kids will explore all types of art media to develop self-expression and creativity.
    • Making Music – Kids unleash their creativity and embrace fun through the arts in an atmosphere of joy through singing, playing instruments, games and storytelling.
    • Tiny Dancers – This is the ideal way for kids to get a healthy amount of exercise, express themselves and have a blast through movement, music, games and choreography.
    • Collage Day School Yogis – Kids strengthen their bodies while trying new things, such as balancing, hand stands and even finding stillness at the end of an energy-filled class. Yoga improves body awareness, gross motor skills and self-regulation. They also learn the skills of attending to instruction, following directions and collaborating with peers.
    • Se Habla Español – Kids learn the basics of Spanish as a second language through games, songs, stories and movements while building confidence and having fun learning.
    • Mad Scientists – The best way to learn is through experiments. This class brings out the science lovers in all as young scientists conduct experiments, learn more about social sciences and have fun along the way.
    • Nature Lovers – Kids explore the outdoors through nature walks, nature talks and discovering ways to save the environment.
    • Creative Cooks – Kids learn about healthy food choices in and out of the house to improve nutrition and wellness. They also find fun ways to implement healthy food options and daily smart food choices.
    • Cardio Lovers – Kids kick it into gear with a high energy class that promotes an active lifestyle. This class is sure to keep their heart rates up and burn off that cooped-up energy that’s ready to come out.
    • Computer Lab – Kids experiment with various software to learn keyboarding, 3D design printing, digital special effects and more.
  • Located in Jacksonville, Collage Day School’s Enrichment Program provides fun, care, and educational classes for kids, before and afterschool.