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April 30, 2019
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    Field Day

    Hope you can join us on May 16th or May 17th for our annual Field Day! We’re asking our Collage community to sign up as volunteers or to donate items in order to make our event a success. Thank you! 


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    May 6-10th

    Save The Date!

    Join us as we show appreciation for our amazing teachers! Keep an eye out for more information to come.


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    Early Learning Community

    Snowy Owlets

    Snowy Owlets discussed weather and identified their body parts. They discussed patterns, and enjoyed dancing during circle time. In honor of Earth Day, they made bunny art out of footprints and paint, and they decorated paper butterflies. 


    Bay Owls

    Bay Owls read stories such as “Baby’s Mealtime,” and poems such as “Orange Kite.” Inspired by the poems, they identified objects and colors around the room. They explored musical toys, discussed various types of sounds, and they enjoyed creative art projects. They also played freeze dance using new vocabulary words.


    Barn Owls

    Barn Owls learned about Earth Day and made art projects based on nature themes. Using soil and seeds, they made observations about plants. They also took nature walks to the pond and made observations about the chickens.


    Preschool Community


    Tawny Owls

    Tawny Owls enjoyed a garden theme this week. Using flowers in a box, they identified shapes, discussed numbers, and practiced letter recognition. They also discussed how flowers need water and sunshine to grow. In reading, they read garden-related stories, and they made prediction based on context clues. They enjoyed drawing flowers in their writing journals, and learned about healthy foods that grow in gardens.


    Spotted Owls

    Spotted Owls focused on the letter W. They read stories like, “The Crunching Munching Caterpillar” by Sheridan Cain, and in STEAM, they discussed examples of symmetry. They also learned about the life cycles of butterflies. Using paper and paint, they created butterfly wings.


    Elementary Community



    Kindergarten students read “The Lorax,” to celebrate Earth Day. They discussed the conflict in the story, and they brainstormed solutions. In writing, they described their favorite place on Earth, and they discussed the importance of trees. In science, they made observations about plants and animals; and in math, students made number bracelets using beads.


    First Grade

    First graders continued to work in small groups for individualized instruction. They also analyzed characters in read aloud books.
    In paragraph form, they provided facts about what frogs look like, what they eat, where they live, and what they can do. In math, they measured objects using connecting cubes.


    Lower Elementary

    Lower elementary students read books like “Grandfathers Journey” and “Baloney.” In math, they learned about weight and capacity. They also discussed angles and line segments. They wrote memoirs about their school year, and they started a unit on economics.


    Upper Elementary

    Upper elementary students worked on finding whole-number quotients and remainders with up to four-digit dividends and one-digit divisors. They used strategies based on place value, and they added and subtracted fractions with unlike denominators. In science they investigated and described how the speed of an object is determined by the distance it travels in a unit of time.
    They also explored how sound is produced by vibrating objects and that pitch depends on how fast or slow an object vibrates. In social studies, students learned about the factors which led to the end of the Revolutionary War.


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