Weekly News - April 21, 2019

April 25, 2019
  • Weekly Review

    Field Day

    Hope you can join us on May 16th or May 17th for our annual Field Day! We’re asking our Collage community to sign up as volunteers or to donate items in order to make our event a success. Thank you! 


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    May 6-10th

    Save The Date!

    Join us as we show appreciation for our amazing teachers! Keep an eye out for more information to come.


    Early Learning Community

    Snowy Owlets

    Snowy Owlets sang alphabet songs, read stories about weather patterns, and practiced pattern recognition. They enjoyed the spring season on their nature walks, and they explored sensory books and toys. . 


    Bay Owls

    Bay Owls enjoyed Easter and spring themes. Students practice classifying objects by size, color, and shape. They made observations about birds and collected materials to make nests.


    Barn Owls

    Barn Owls focused on baby animals and the spring season this week. They discussed books such as “Baby Bunny,” and they looked at pictures of plant-life-cycles. They explored seeds and learned how to plant flowers. They had fun making silly hedgehog paintings with forks and paintings of pigs in the mud.


    Preschool Community


    Tawny Owls

    Students read stories such as “Down by the Bay.” They practiced identifying letters, and they practiced phonological awareness. They discussed the activities they enjoy in spring and summer, and they enjoyed a class Easter egg hunt.


    Spotted Owls

    In preparation for Earth Day, Spotted Owls learned about recycling, collected recyclables, and helped clean up the courtyard. They focused on the letter R, and they discussed the meaning of the phrase, “reduce, reuse, recycle.”


    Elementary Community



    Kindergarten students read Eric Carle books this week. They discussed the story elements and the author’s purpose for writing the story. They studied 2D and 3D shapes, and they also made observations about plants.


    First Grade

    First graders continued to work in small groups for individualized instruction. They also analyzed characters in read aloud books.
    In paragraph form, they provided facts about what frogs look like, what they eat, where they live, and what they can do. In math, they measured objects using connecting cubes.


    Lower Elementary

    Lower elementary students read and wrote memoirs and focused on characterization. 2nd grade students finished a unit on measurement, and 3rd grade students focused on shapes, lines, and angles. In science and social studies, they studied magnetic force and motion. They also discussed gravity.


    Upper Elementary

    Upper elementary students continued practicing their conversions of like measurement units. They learned about the American Revolution, and in science, they reviewed light and sound. They also read and discussed texts about ancient Egypt.


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