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January 25, 2019
  • Weekly Review

    Collage PTO

    The Collage Day School PTO invites you to participate in the Sponsorship Program! They’re looking for businesses, agencies, and organizations to help enhance Collage’s educational programs. Here’s an opportunity to not only promote your local business, but to also benefit Collage’s quality of education. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for the 2018-2019 school year, please email the Collage PTO at collagepto@gmail.com. The Gold and Silver two-tiered sponsorship program is limited, so please click here to learn more about partnering with our school and becoming a sponsor: Collage Sponsorship Program


    Early Learning Community

    Snowy Owlets (3-12 Months)

    Snowy Owlets practiced drawing in sand as they explored writing skills. They made observations about objects, such as the size, shape, and texture. They practiced their balancing skills, and with water, they engaged in sensory water play. They identified the colors in nature, and they practiced counting to increase their awareness of number concepts.  


    Bay Owls (12-24 Months)

    This week, Bay Owls read Tuneful Tales such as “The Napping House,” by Audrey Wood. They discussed the stories and poems they read together, and identified objects in the works. In continuation of their focus on improving conversational skills, they pretended to make phone calls and practiced asking questions and listening. Children observed how objects sink or float in water. They built towers with blocks, and practiced using positional words. Children engaged in counting activities, and to practice gross motor skills, they enjoyed hopping like kangaroos, dancing with Wiggles, and marching like ants. Using pipe cleaners, they created snowflakes with white paint, and they used bubble wands to blow bubbles outdoors.



    Barn Owls (18-36 Months)

    Barn Owls focused on a zoo theme this week. They read the story, “Goodnight Gorilla” and discussed the colors in different zoo animals. They played games like sorting animals, and pretend played as they acted out the noises and movements of different animals. On their nature walk, they balanced on logs, and to improve gross motor skills, they pretended that they were jumping over waves at the beach. They made handprints of giraffes and decorated peacocks using paint and feathers.


    Preschool Community


    Tawny Owls

    Tawny Owls read the book “Silly Sally” by Audrey Wood as they focused on rhyme and alliteration, skills which increase word-building. They sang songs about weather, shapes and numbers. They also discussed positional words such as front, back, top, and bottom. While reciting “Silly Sally,” which is written in poetic verse, they also practiced phonemic awareness of the letter S. They discussed the use of pronouns, and in science, they observed red dye as it dissolved and faded from peppermints soaked in water. They decorated “Silly Sally” artwork using plates, pipe cleaners, and beads; and while playing outdoors, they created a village using blocks.  


    Spotted Owls

    Spotted Owls focused on the letter O. They learned about oceans, octopus, and starfish as they created their very own ocean scene. Students also created a collage of O’s using various circular objects. In math, they continued to work on recognizing numbers 1-20. They practiced tracing and writing the number 15 as well as the triangle shape. In correlation to their emphasis on the letter O, they also discussed and identified opposites. In STEAM, students listened to “Big Al” by Andrew Clements and based on literary clues and details, they practiced drawing a picture of the character.


    Elementary Community



    Kindergarten practiced identifying basic similarities and differences between two texts on the same topic. They practiced peer critique in writing and making adjustments to their stories based on suggestions. In math, they composed simple shapes to form larger shapes, and in science, students made observations about the Moon and discussed its characteristics.


    First Grade:

    First grade students continued their study of nonfiction, especially as it relates to the solar system. In math, they practiced place value by comparing large numbers using base ten blocks. In writing, they worked on writing paragraphs with an emphasis on writing introductory and concluding sentences. They also practiced supporting their ideas using three factual details from outside sources. In science, they discussed the number of planets and their unique characteristics.


    Lower Elementary

    Lower elementary students are working on daily reading fluency practices and reading comprehension. They are finishing their essays, “If I Was 100 Years Old,” and will begin reading “Yes Day” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. After discussing the text, they will write narratives related to the theme. 2nd grade students finished up their unit on subtraction using mental math strategies and started a unit on adding 2-digit numbers. 3rd grade students practiced division. In science and social studies, students finished up their unit on space and started learning about energy, beginning with solar energy.


    Upper Elementary

    Upper elementary students are working on representing and interpreting data. They are investigating factors and multiples, and practicing Geometric measurements such as volume. They are graphing points on the coordinate plane to solve real-world problems, and they are using pairs of perpendicular number lines, called axes, to define coordinate systems. In writing, students are writing informative texts. They are working to communicate clear and coherent writing in an organized structure that pays particular attention to the purpose and audience of the piece. In reading, students are analyzing characters and identifying references to mythology.

    In science, students are learning to recognize that a galaxy consists of gas, dust, and many stars. They are discussing the objects that orbit the stars and learning to identify the Milky Way. In social studies, students are identifying the significant individuals in Florida’s history. They are discussing the explorers and daily life on missions such as San Luis de Talimali in present-day Tallahassee.


  • Things To Come


    Literacy Week

    January 28th – February 1st

    Literacy Week has been schedule by Just Read Florida for the week of January 28th.  Special thanks to Kristen Walker for assisting with the organization. Here are the events:

    Monday- Mismatch Monday

    • Students wear mismatched clothes
    • In class they will compare and contrast stories (fiction and non-fiction)

    Tuesday- Tacky Tuesday Socks

    • Students wear their favorite socks
    • Students bring in and read aloud their favorite book

    Wednesday-Wonderful Wednesday (Spring Picture Day)

    • Students bring in and read wacky books
    • Guest visit from the author Keith Roman (More Details to come)

    Thursday- Thoughtful Thursday (Spring Picture Day)

    • Dress your best
    • Learn about poetry and letters

    Friday-  Flashlight Friday

    • Students wear PJS
    • Students read by flash light as if camping
    • How many minutes can we read? (School accumulation)


    Readings with Keith Lawrence Roman

    January 30th

    Collage is thrilled to host children’s author Keith Lawrence Roman. Students and parents will have an opportunity to hear a reading, participate in a Q & A, purchase books, and have books signed by the award-winning author. 

    9am: Pre-K to Kindergarten
    10:10 am: 1st to 3rd grade
    11:25 am: 4th to 6th grade

    *Please remember the guest author readings will be held in the multi-purpose room, so elementary students should plan to eat their lunches in their classrooms or in the courtyard that day.


    SAT Testing for grades 3 & up

    April 1st

    It’s that time of year again to assess student progress. Student assessments are a vital resource for parents and teachers. Data from assessments helps us better identify strengths and struggles in order to design individualized education plans. Please prepare for two weeks of testing.


    Volunteer Opportunities

    Please share your talents and time with our Collage Day School community. There are many opportunities to lend a hand. Connect, pitch in, and be the change you wish to see.

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