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December 3, 2018
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    Collage PTO

    The Collage Day School PTO invites you to participate in the Sponsorship Program! They’re looking for businesses, agencies, and organizations to help enhance Collage’s educational programs. Here’s an opportunity to not only promote your local business, but to also benefit Collage’s quality of education. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for the 2018-2019 school year, please email the Collage PTO at collagepto@gmail.com. The Gold and Silver two-tiered sponsorship program is limited, so please click here to learn more about partnering with our school and becoming a sponsor: Collage Sponsorship Program

    Early Learning Community

    Snowy Owlets (3-12 Months)

    Snowy Owlets sang songs like “The Farmer and the Dell” and were encouraged to perform movements to match the song. They practiced listening and understanding increasingly complex language. Teachers also encouraged and emphasized the use of positional words as the children explored. They described the special relationship of shapes, and they painted sticks and paper.

    Bay Owls (12-24 Months)

    Bay Owls read the poem, “Little Blessing,” and the story, “Bubbles in the Bathtub.” Students had opportunities to play with stacking cups and reviewed shapes. They conducted experiments to see which objects could float or sink in water. They also practiced their fine motor skills by playing with Play-Doh. As a craft, students created Christmas ornaments.

    Barn Owls (18-36 Months)

    Barn Owls worked on using appropriate conversational and communication skills. They also explored and described spatial relationships and shapes. Even in the chillier weather, they fully enjoyed the outdoors. They set up an outdoor kitchen and made a pretend feast. Inside, they practiced gross motor skills with freeze dance activities.


    Preschool Community


    Tawny Owls

    Tawny Owls read the book “Feast For 10,” which is a story about a family shopping to get ready for their Thanksgiving Feast. Rather than a feast, the students shopped for new vocabulary and engaged in various activities to learn new words of the week. In social studies, they discussed the concept of being a helper and brainstormed ways they could be helpful with their parents. Using leaves, paper, candle wax, and paint, they made decorative garlands to hang in their class. Other projects engaging fine motor skills involved creating melted snowmen, ornaments made with popsicle sticks, and fingerprint Christmas lights.

    Spotted Owls

    Spotted Owls focused on the letter B. They made B’s using Play-Doh and read B books such as “The Berenstains Bears Books.”

    Students worked on number recognition for numbers 1-15 and practiced counting to 31. They made dream catchers and practiced drawing various shapes. In STEAM, they made observations such as, how long does it take a gingerbread cookie to dissolve in milk?

    The students also worked on the emotional skill of thinking before speaking. This involved raising a hand to speak, looking at others when they’re speaking and asking questions if they do not understand something in the classroom. Students made ornaments using buttons to decorate trees made of craft sticks. They made clothespin snowmen and decorated their own gingerbread boys and girls using ribbon, beads, and buttons.

    Elementary Community




    Students reflected on Thanksgiving and wrote about the foods they liked to eat. As they practiced their writing skills, they payed particular attention to spacing, capitalization, and punctuation such as periods. In reading, they listened to stories read aloud, and practiced retelling those stories in proper sequence. With prompting and support, they also practiced the skill of retelling familiar stories while including key details.

    In math, students learned to represent addition and subtraction with objects, fingers, mental images, drawings, sounds (e.g., claps), acting out situations, verbal explanations, expressions, and equations.

    First Grade:

    First grade students practiced writing and identifying adjectives. They also started composing their fictional books. They continued exploring the main characteristics of birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and insects. In math, they are learning about place value, and they used dimes to count by tens. In addition, students are practicing listening and conversational skills and improving their social and emotional development.


    Lower Elementary

    Students focused on reading and comprehension skills. Using daily writing prompts, they had opportunities to free write about pumpkins and various topics. In addition, they practiced sight words and sequencing activities.

    Upper Elementary

    Upper elementary students studied how objects in motion always change their position and may change direction. They investigated principles of energy and identified various forces such as gravity. In math, they solved multistep word problems and gained familiarity with factors and multiples. They also practiced writing informative paragraphs based on non-fiction and research.


  • Things To Come


    Holiday Musical Performance
    & Winter Wonderland

    December 12th
    9:30 am – 12:00 pm

    Ages 3 and up will be performing songs to celebrate the season. Join us for a jingle and mingle morning in the multi-purpose room. 

    At 9:30am  to 11:00am there will be pictures with Santa, and in addition, the Critter Caravan, a local petting zoo, will be visiting our campus until noon. 
    Between the hours of 10:00am-11:00am the December Elementary Project Based Learning Curriculum will be showcased (Museum Style). All families, including VPK are welcome to join us!


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    Please share your talents and time with our Collage Day School community. There are many opportunities to lend a hand. Connect, pitch in, and be the change you wish to see.

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    Meet the 2018-2019 PTO Team:

    Hillary Davis: President
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    Laura Milton: Recording Secretary
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    Lydia Morales: Communications Secretary

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