Weekly News - October 22-26

October 26, 2018
  • Weekly Review

    Due to popular demand, Collage Day School has expanded our early childhood community. Limited spaces are now available in Bay Owls (12-24 months) and Snowy Owlets (3-12 months) classrooms. 

    We believe a robust, early childhood education sets the foundation for future learning, and we emphasize a nature-centered, hands-on curriculum tailored to each and every child’s unique level.

    A Friendly Reminder

    Literary Themed Costumes

    This is just a friendly reminder about the October 31st Costume Parade. In order to avoid frightening costumes, we are encouraging students to wear literary themed costumes.

    Please refrain from sending your child to school with toy weapons or costumes that depict witches, zombies, vampires or horror characters. Our program is for children of all ages, and we want it to be nurturing and fun for every child involved. 

    Important Changes:

    Collage would like to inform our families of some recent changes. Due to personal reasons after the loss of her mother, Rochelle Golomb will no longer serve as Preschool Principal. As she departs from Collage, we sincerely wish her the best in her future endeavors. As part of the transition plan, Tiffany Clark has been promoted to Head of School, and we are confident that we will flourish with her at the helm. Collage leadership is also in the process of hiring a full-time curriculum specialist to work hand-in-hand in the classrooms and to further support our teachers. Despite several transitions this year, our commitment to deliver exemplary education and care to our students is unwavering.

    Collage is thrilled to congratulate Tiffany Clark in her new role!

    Collage PTO

    The Collage Day School PTO invites you to participate in the Sponsorship Program! They’re looking for businesses, agencies, and organizations to help enhance Collage’s educational programs. Here’s an opportunity to not only promote your local business, but to also benefit Collage’s quality of education. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for the 2018-2019 school year, please email the Collage PTO at collagepto@gmail.com. The Gold and Silver two-tiered sponsorship program is limited, so please click here to learn more about partnering with our school and becoming a sponsor: Collage Sponsorship Program

    Early Learning Community

    Snowy Owlets (3-12 Months)

    Snowy Owlets used their observational skills as they took nature walks. As they noticed the chickens, trees, and birds, they discussed the various sites and sounds observable in nature. Using a stuffed bear, they practiced listening skills using words such as in, under, on, and over. They practiced spatial relationships and recognizing shapes. They also painted with sponges, explored different textures, and used stacking rings. Throughout the week, Snowy Owlets also spent time developing their imaginative skills and their ability to imitate.

    Bay Owls (12-24 Months)

    Bay Owls enjoyed pumpkin and apple themes this week. They used apples to measure their height, and read stories like, “Ten Apples Up On Top,” by Dr. Seuss. They painted pumpkins, sang songs pertaining to their theme, and practiced counting numbers.

    Barn Owls (18-36 Months)

    Barn Owls had a great week exploring fall and Halloween themes. They made spiders and pumpkins using Play-Doh and took nature trail walks collecting sticks, twigs, and leaves for art projects. Children practiced sorting by size and color using found items from their trail walks. They also sang songs like, “Five Little Pumpkins,” and read stories with Halloween and autumn themes.



    Preschool Community


    Tawny Owls

    Tawny Owls are enjoying their Halloween theme.

    In literacy, Tawny Owls are reading stories like, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Click, Clack, Boo.” They are practicing letter identification by matching both upper and lower case letters on webs. Other creative activities have included using Halloween erasers to trace their initials, or using sticks and orange paint to print letters on paper. They are having fun with rhyming, phonics, and counting syllables. They are also discussing the feelings described in books they read in class. While engaged in a hopping activity, they are practicing their shapes as they hop around class. They are also identifying body parts while playing games such as, “There’s a Spider on You!” In math, they are exploring the concepts of more, less, and the same. They also used marbles and orange paint to decorate white pumpkins.

    Spotted Owls

    Spotted Owls focused on identifying upper and lower case letter T’s and the number six. They practiced sequencing letters 1-15 and reviewed AB pattern recognition. They read stories like, “There’s No Such Thing As Monsters!” by Steve Smallman, and “Runaway Pumpkin.” Using twigs, they drew and decorated broomsticks. Students learned how turtles breathe air and lay eggs. They discussed their hard shells, and they painted bowls to look like turtle shells. They sang and danced to Halloween songs, and in STEAM, they used M&M candies and water in an experiment to demonstrate the dye coating on the candy shell. Other activities included making hand print spiders with paint, and hiking the wooded trails observing signs of autumn. They read non-fiction about spiders and made spider webs out of yarn.

    Elementary Community



    Kindergarten students read non-fiction books about snakes, spiders, leaves, and owls. They identified the key details from each story and practiced determining the main topic. In writing, they practiced writing topic sentences about each subject explored during their reading activities. In math, they reviewed counting to 100, and while cutting and gluing numbers onto balloons, they practiced counting by 10’s. In science and social studies, students explored maps. They discussed features of land and water by making observations using world maps and globes. Later, they discussed the value of recycling paper.

    First Grade:

    In math, students are solving subtraction sentences with numbers 1-12. They are also identifying and writing number sentences for both addition and subtraction problems.  In reading, students were introduced to story elements such as characters, setting, and plot, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they are reading Charlotte’s Web. In science, students are identifying animals into classifications such as reptiles, birds, amphibians, mammals, fish, and insects. In addition, they are also exploring the similarities and differences between the animal classifications. In writing, students are creating an opinion-writing piece on bats. They will tell the reader why they do or don’t like bats using information they learned through books and videos. In order to incorporate our project based learning theme of human bodies into the classroom, students are creating a human body booklet filled with facts about the human body. Be sure to ask students about echolocation and what purposes our vital organs serve.


    Lower Elementary

    Lower elementary students had a busy week! In reading, students discussed and identified idioms in fiction books about the human body. Later, they incorporated that information into a science lesson as they explored and labeled different organs in the human body and identified their functions. In math, students completed two-step word problems with addition and subtraction, and in writing, they wrote narratives about the things that made them worried. In the midst of all that learning, they had plenty of time to enjoy the cooler fall weather outdoors and explore the nature trails.

    Upper Elementary

    In science students completed an experiment called “Attack of the Gummy Bears”.  They soaked gummy candies in different solutions to analyze the properties to see if they dissolved. In social studies, they are beginning to learn about Native American Tribes. In reading, they are finishing the novel Hoot next week and will start reading 3 short stories in their grade-level reading book.  Students are continuing to learn about the human body, and they’re incorporating their research into reading comprehension lessons. For writing, they are continuing their creative writing pieces as it relates to project based learning. In math, grade four is learning  how to incorporate multiplication into problem solving skills while fifth grade students are practicing place value. In addition they are learning how to convert fractions to decimals and decimals into fractions.

  • Things To Come


    Picture Make Up Days

    October 29th and 30th
    8:30 am- 5:30 pm

    Students and siblings have an opportunity to retake school pictures. Kurt English Distinctive Photography is opening their studio for make up photos, so book a session. Prices are identical to school prices; however they will include shipping. To book an appointment,
    call 904-262-3080.

    Location: 12276-505 San Jose Blvd
    Jacksonville, Fl 32223

    Trunk or Treat & Character Parade

    October 31st

    Students will have an opportunity to participate in a character parade and trick or treating on campus. In order to avoid frightening costumes, Collage is requesting that students dress in literary themed costumes.

    There will be nut-free candy, trinkets, and alternative options for those with allergies. 

    Many thanks to the families hosting trunks and for those who have donated candy. We appreciate the help!


    TimberNook: Friends in the Wild

    November 12th
    9:30 am-1:30 pm
    $65  (Ages 5-10)

    There’s no school, so sign up for a half day of TimberNook. Bring a stuffed animal from home and plan for a day in the woods. Children will have opportunities to build dens and create homes for their stuffed friends in the wild. Space is limited.

    Contact Emily Vasquez

    Director of Health and Wellness




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