Weekly News - October 15-19

October 19, 2018
  • Weekly Review

    Due to popular demand, Collage Day School has expanded our early childhood community. Limited spaces are now available in Bay Owls (12-24 months) and Snowy Owlets (3-12 months) classrooms. 

    We believe a robust, early childhood education sets the foundation for future learning, and we emphasize a nature-centered, hands-on curriculum tailored to each and every child’s unique level.

    A Friendly Reminder

    Literary Themed Costumes

    This is just a friendly reminder about the October 31st Costume Parade. In order to avoid frightening costumes, we are encouraging students to wear literary themed costumes.

    Please refrain from sending your child to school with toy weapons or costumes that depict witches, zombies, vampires or horror characters. Our program is for children of all ages, and we want it to be nurturing and fun for every child involved. 

    Important Changes:

    Collage would like to inform our families of some recent changes. Due to personal reasons after the loss of her mother, Rochelle Golomb will no longer serve as Preschool Principal. As she departs from Collage, we sincerely wish her the best in her future endeavors. As part of the transition plan, Tiffany Clark has been promoted to Head of School, and we are confident that we will flourish with her at the helm. Collage leadership is also in the process of hiring a full-time curriculum specialist to work hand-in-hand in the classrooms and to further support our teachers. Despite several transitions this year, our commitment to deliver exemplary education and care to our students is unwavering.

    Collage is thrilled to congratulate Tiffany Clark in her new role!

    Early Learning Community

    Snowy Owlets (3-12 Months)

    Snowy Owlets practiced special relationships and shapes. Using a stuffed bear, they hid the bear around the room, and used preposition words like “in, on, under, up, and down” to describe the bear’s location. Using sound, they demonstrated pattern recognition by differentiating between soft and loud music. They spent time exploring outdoors, gathering leaves, sticks, and grass, which they later used for art projects.

    Bay Owls (12-24 Months)

    Bay owls enjoyed pumpkin and apple-themed lessons this week. They used stacked apples to measure their height, and they read the story, Ten Apples Up On Top by Dr. Seuss. Children worked on puzzles, practiced crawling, and counted blocks while building towers. After painting paper plates orange, they used green handprints to create pumpkins, and they used items discovered in nature to create hanging mobiles.

    Barn Owls (18-36 Months)

    Barn owls explored fall and Halloween themes this week. They discussed foods made with pumpkin and read stories like “Teen Tiny Ghost.” The practiced counting using pumpkin thumbprints and numbers, and they sorted objects based on colors such as birds and nests. To enhance fine motor skills, children finger painted pumpkins and made Halloween slime.



    Preschool Community


    Tawny Owls

    This week, Tawny Owls continued to explore the theme of farm animals. They used letter stamps to practice stamping the letters in their name. As a group, they discussed horses and sheep, focusing on their sounds and their functions. They used farm animals to practice counting and sorting and incorporated animals into their art projects. They explored the texture of wool and simulated shearing sheep using shaving cream. Students also made prints on paper using paint and horse cut outs. 

    Spotted Owls

    Spotted Owls reviewed the letters L, F, A, P, and D. They also reviewed numbers one through five. They read stories such as Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberely, and used the story to identify shapes and make symmetrical monster art projects. They also used the read aloud time to discuss the roles characters, plot, and conflict serve in stories. In STEAM, students used balancing scales to weigh pumpkins and various objects found in the classroom. Then they used observational skills to make predictions about weight and balance.

    Elementary Community



    This week in reading, kindergarteners identified the main topic in nonfiction books. Using a combination of drawing, dictating and writing, they practiced retelling stories using key details. In writing, they expressed their opinions about fall topics, and in math, students practiced counting to 100. In social studies, students identified basic landforms and bodies of water.

    First Grade:

    Students practiced their active listening and conversational skills. In reading, they ready Bat Facts for Kids by Joseph Eleyinte and Stellaluna by Janell Cannon. They practiced informative writing, paying particular attention to the formation of topic sentences. In STEAM, they learned about the classification of animals such as mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and insects. They compared and contrasted different types of animals and discussed characteristics of each. In math, the focus was on subtraction, and students were introduced to subtraction number sentences.


    Lower Elementary

    This week, students read pumpkin-themed fictional and nonfiction stories such as The Pumpkin Book. They discussed autumn topics and explored the life cycle of pumpkins. In math, they focused on subtraction and learned to use their addition skills to solve subtraction math problems. As part of their writing lessons, students practiced using transition words; and in science, they experimented with crystal pumpkins and implemented the scientific method to carve pumpkins in class.

    Upper Elementary

    Students finished reading aloud The Music of Dolphins by Newberry Medalist Karen Hesse. Now, they are transitioning to non-fictional pieces about the human body systems. With Mr. Mark’s help, they are preparing their band for the upcoming holiday performance. In math, they are implementing previously learned concepts to problem solve. In writing, their focus is on constructing complete sentences, recognizing and correcting fragments, and avoiding run-on sentences. Science this week will build on their reading lessons as students identify organs in the body and describe their functions. In social studies, students are learning about Native American tribes and their regions of origin.

  • Things To Come


    Book Fair: October 15th-20th

    Get ready! The books are arriving soon! Join us October 15-20th for a full week of the Book Fair celebrating the enchanting world of books. There will be a wide selection of pre-school and elementary-level books for sale in the media center and the multi-purpose room. Find books carefully selected by teachers and librarians to launch your child into his or her next literary adventure. Consider helping to stock the shelves of our own Collage Day School library by donating your favorite children’s book. Join the fun, volunteer, and help foster a child’s lifelong literary journey. 

    To volunteer, contact Nicole Blanford:


    Fall Festival: October 20th

    10:00 am-1:00 pm

    Celebrate the season at this community event hosted at Collage Day School. Everyone is welcome for an afternoon of carnival games, food, face painting, complimentary family photos, and more. Parent volunteers are greatly needed, so please consider serving alongside Collage staff to host a fun-filled day.

    Contact: collagepto@gmail.com

    Not So Spooky Hay Ride & Haunted Trail

    October 20 
    6pm-7pm (kids hay ride)
    8pm-10pm (adults)

    Collage is hosting a not so spooky hayride for kids and a haunted trail for adults! This event is free for those who attend the Fall Festival.

    Don’t miss this exciting night, and sincere thanks to the volunteers and staff participating! Get ready to be spooked! 


    Fall Speaker Series:

    October 23rd
    (Open to the community)

    Join Collage Day School for an engaging opportunity to learn directly from Dr. Joshi and ask him questions regarding allergies and asthma.

    Dr. Joshi is a Jacksonville native and partner to a very successful and respected medical practice. He has been honored by Jax 4 Kids as “Best Allergist” and he was also recognized by Jacksonville Magazine as one of the city’s “Top Doctors.” 

    RSVP to Melissa Gibbons: Gibbons@Collagedayschool.org


    Picture Make Up Days

    October 29th and 30th
    8:30 am- 5:30 pm

    Students and siblings have an opportunity to retake school pictures. Kurt English Distinctive Photography is opening their studio for make up photos, so book a session. Prices are identical to school prices; however they will include shipping. To book an appointment,
    call 904-262-3080.

    Location: 12276-505 San Jose Blvd
    Jacksonville, Fl 32223

    Trunk or Treat & Character Parade

    October 31st

    Students will have an opportunity to participate in a character parade and trick or treating on campus. In order to avoid frightening costumes, Collage is requesting that students dress in literary themed costumes.

    There will be nut-free candy, trinkets, and alternative options for those with allergies. 

    Many thanks to the families hosting trunks and for those who have donated candy. We appreciate the help!


    TimberNook: Friends in the Wild

    November 12th
    9:30 am-1:30 pm
    $65  (Ages 5-10)

    There’s no school, so sign up for a half day of TimberNook. Bring a stuffed animal from home and plan for a day in the woods. Children will have opportunities to build dens and create homes for their stuffed friends in the wild. Space is limited.

    Contact Emily Vasquez

    Director of Health and Wellness




    Volunteer Opportunities

    Please share your talents and time with our Collage Day School community. There are many opportunities to lend a hand. Connect, pitch in, and be the change you wish to see.

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