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October 12, 2018
  • Weekly Review

    Due to popular demand, Collage Day School has expanded our early childhood community. Limited spaces are now available in Bay Owls (12-24 months) and Snowy Owlets (3-12 months) classrooms. 

    We believe a robust, early childhood education sets the foundation for future learning, and we emphasize a nature-centered, hands-on curriculum tailored to each and every child’s unique level.

    A Friendly Reminder

    Literary Themed Costumes

    This is just a friendly reminder about the October 31st Costume Parade. In order to avoid frightening costumes, we are encouraging students to wear literary themed costumes.

    Please refrain from sending your child to school with toy weapons or costumes that depict witches, zombies, vampires or horror characters. Our program is for children of all ages, and we want it to be nurturing and fun for every child involved. 

    Important Changes:

    Collage would like to inform our families of some recent changes. Due to personal reasons after the loss of her mother, Rochelle Golomb will no longer serve as Preschool Principal. As she departs from Collage, we sincerely wish her the best in her future endeavors. As part of the transition plan, Tiffany Clark has been promoted to Head of School, and we are confident that we will flourish with her at the helm. Collage leadership is also in the process of hiring a full-time curriculum specialist to work hand-in-hand in the classrooms and to further support our teachers. Despite several transitions this year, our commitment to deliver exemplary education and care to our students is unwavering.

    Collage is thrilled to congratulate Tiffany Clark in her new role!

    Early Learning Community

    Snowy Owlets (3-12 Months)

    In language and literacy, children continued holding and shaking maracas paired with language. Children also enjoyed stories being read aloud, which emphasized counting skills. To practice gross motor skills, the children played with rubber balls and explored different textures using items for in nature. On their nature walk, they observed birds and identified the various colors of their wings.

    Bay Owls (12-24 Months)

    Bay Owls continued their fall theme by incorporating leaves, bark, and fall colors into their lessons. Using the “magic bag,” children enjoyed discussing items found on trees such as leaves and pine cones. They went on a leaf hunt during their nature walk, and read the story Leaf Trouble. Using food dye, baking soda, and shaving cream, they mixed colors to create orange, and they used leaf stencils and objects found in nature to create collages.

    Barn Owls (18-36 Months)

    Barn Owls explored pumpkins and autumn themes. They discussed carving jack-ó-lanterns, and practiced counting using felt pumpkins on a felt board. They sang about the ABC’s and read stories with fall themes. In Yoga they practiced their balance, and outdoors, they worked on gross motor skills such as jumping, hopping, and tiptoeing. Using handprints, paint, glue, googly-eyes, and natural, find objects, they created magnificent spooky monsters.



    Preschool Community


    Spotted Owls & Tawny Owls (Building 1)

    Students focused on the letter D and the number 5 this week. Using drawings, objects, and writing without tears curriculum, students practiced identifying objects that begin with D and writing the letter. They read stories such as Runaway Pumpkin, and Fox Makes Friends. As part of their reading discussion, they identified the major plot points and made inferences, predicting what would come next. In STEAM, they used paper plates and paint to create volcanoes. Some classes explored balancing scales, adding and removing small pumpkins to the scale.

    Tawny Owls focused on the theme of “Farm Animals.” They discussed the origins of eggs and milk, and conducted experiments with eggs, where they made predictions about bouncing eggs. With plastic gloves filled with water, they practiced milking cows. They also discussed the habits of pigs and the various characteristics of a pig’s nose. They practiced sorting with yellow corn in egg cartons, and they used number mats to match numbers with animals. Later in the week, students were inspired by pictures of pig noses and were given the opportunity to create their own pig noses using natural materials.



    Elementary Community



    In reading, kindergarten students are learning to compare and contrast characters and plots in fictional stories. For math, they are representing and writing numbers to 20. They use objects to reinforce the concept of zero, and count or group the items to represent written numerals.

    In social studies and science, students are learning about seasonal weather changes and how they affect people and the environment. In discussions, they’re exploring how weather affects people and the environment.

    First Grade:

    First graders are wrapping up their lesson on sequencing stories with up to 6 events. They have also completed the first of the 6 reading books in their series. They are excited to start the next book on Tuesday! In math, they are subtracting using manipulatives to 12. Their long-term goal is to subtract to 20. They are also increasing their ability to write informative texts. Since they have been learning about sequencing in reading, they are transferring that skill into their writing. In science, they recently finished their plant assessment, and will begin learning about living animals next week.


    Lower Elementary

    This week in reading/writing students focused on getting to know each other by talking about their favorite things. They focused mainly on favorite places to go and see. They read the story, All the Places to Love and The Hello Goodbye Window.  They also learned about adjectives through guessing games, drawings, and books.  In math, they focused on addition and fluency of addition facts.

    Upper Elementary

    This week students continued reading The Music of the Dolphins.  As they read the story, the worked on comprehension strategies such as text to self, text to world, and text to text strategies. In addition, they are working on the element of suspense  and plot lines coming together as they read Hoot. They are now transitioning back to Creative Writing as they learn about ideas with the 6+1 Traits of Writing. In math, they are starting a “Problem of The Day” to serve as a spiral review to practice skills previously learned.  In grade 5, they are identifying thousandths place, and in grade 4, they are multiplying two digits by one digit without regrouping.  Students are excited to have completed their “Oceans” problem solving themes for Project Based Learning, and they’re looking forward to learning more about the Human Body.

  • Things To Come


    No School / Teacher Planning Day

    October 15th

    On intersession days and teacher planning days, Collage provides optional childcare for Preschool to 6th Grade students. Additional fees apply and you must sign up five days prior to the date you are requesting.

    For questions, contact Melissa Gibbons: gibbons@collagedayschoo.org

    Click Here To Register 

    Book Fair: October 15th-20th

    Get ready! The books are arriving soon! Join us October 15-20th for a full week of the Book Fair celebrating the enchanting world of books. There will be a wide selection of pre-school and elementary-level books for sale in the media center and the multi-purpose room. Find books carefully selected by teachers and librarians to launch your child into his or her next literary adventure. Consider helping to stock the shelves of our own Collage Day School library by donating your favorite children’s book. Join the fun, volunteer, and help foster a child’s lifelong literary journey. 

    To volunteer, contact Nicole Blanford:


    TimberNook: October 15th

    9:00 am- 1:00 pm
    $65 (Ages 4-9)

    There’s no school, so why not make it a TimberNook Day? Imagine a haunted forest and campfire treats. The woods will take on a whole new life as the forest becomes inspiration for creative adventures.

    To register, contact Emily Vassquez:


    Fall Festival: October 20th

    10:00 am-1:00 pm

    Celebrate the season at this community event hosted at Collage Day School. Everyone is welcome for an afternoon of carnival games, food, face painting, complimentary family photos, and more. Parent volunteers are greatly needed, so please consider serving alongside Collage staff to host a fun-filled day.

    Contact: collagepto@gmail.com

    Trunk or Treat & Character Parade

    October 31st

    Students will have an opportunity to participate in a character parade and trick or treating on campus.


    Volunteer Opportunities

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