Weekly News - September 3-7

September 7, 2018
  • Weekly Review

    Early Learning Community

    Amber and Ashley Snowy Owlets

    Snowy Owlets practiced fine motor skills using lightweight balls in daily activities during floor time. Children went on walks around the school in search of animals like bunnies, chickens, roosters, and birds. As they walked, they discussed the various sounds made by animals.


    Shannon and Desiree Bay Owls

    Bay Owls explored the theme, “All About Me.” They read the classic, Goodnight Moon 123 by Margaret Wise Brown, and worked on numbers and rhyming skills. They painted self-portraits with watercolors and explored the different textures and patterns found on textured squares.

    Brandi and Mary Bay Owls

    Bay Owls explored the theme, “Fun on the Farm.” Using blocks, they built barns and learned the various sounds made by animals. With the help of puppets, they read stories about animals, practiced counting, and sang songs like Old Mac Donald Had A Farm.



    Nicole and Nora Barn Owls

    Barn Owls explored the themes, “Back to School,” and “Get to Know Me.” They practiced informative writing in order to convey ideas and made flip flop foot print art using glue, sand and sponge paint.


    Stephanie and Trish Barn Owls 2

    Preschool Community


    Leslie and Devon Tawny Owls

    In literacy, Tawny Owls read We Play on a Rainy Day, and practiced their emergent comprehension skills. They practiced counting to ten using numbers on raindrops, and in social studies, they focused on people and where they live, gaining an understanding of caring for home and school.



    Charlotte and  Erin Tawny Owls

    To emphasize this week’s theme of “I can!” children read the story, I’m A Can-Do Kid.  They discussed the five senses, and children were encouraged to describe various objects using touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound. They used alphabet rubber stamps to engage with letters, and they focused on the letter C.



    Paola and Deb Tawny Owls

    Students focused on the theme, “All About Me and My Family.” As part of their lesson to listen and understand increasingly complex language, they read the story My Favorite Bear and used sticks and clay to create a bear cave.



    Donna and Barbara Spotted Owls

    Students shared about their family members and used mulch to create family trees. They worked with two-dimensional shapes, creating shapes of their own and used eye droppers and water colors to create shapes in creative ways.



    Shari and Kelly Spotted Owls

    Using Writing without Tears curriculum, students practiced big and little curves in handwriting. They explored the concept of pairs and worked with number and counting. They investigated magnets and identified magnetic objects around the room. Students worked with shapes and cut out shapes to create their family’s house.



    Amanda Greer Spotted Owls

    Using a fishing pole, students fished for numbers and practiced counting. They continued manipulating patterns in math and measuring objects. With hands-on materials, students created a shapes collage, and discussed the theme of family.



    Silimona and Tina Spotted Owls

    Students practiced counting and number sequences. Using Mat Man Shapes, they demonstrated their knowledge of manipulating shapes to form images. They practiced duplicating patterns, and they reenacted stories told to them in class. They used magnifying glasses and stamp pads to examine their unique fingerprints.



    Dana and Lauren Spotted Owls

    Students practiced counting and number sequences. Using Mat Man Shapes, they demonstrated their knowledge of manipulating shapes to form images. They practiced duplicating patterns. They reenacted stories told to them in class and used magnifying glasses and stamp pads to examine their unique fingerprints.



    Emily Vasquez

    VPK students enjoyed learning and singing about Yoga as they practiced poses like Tall Mountain and Planking. They also learned the meaning of Namaste. Using feathers, they practiced deep breathing exercises. In addition to Yoga, elementary students had opportunities to try a singing bowl.



    Elementary Community



    Jennifer Currie

    Students spent time comparing the cultural aspects of ancient American civilizations. They also practiced describing the use of characterization, setting, and plot in stories.

    Nicole DeLaCruz

    Students explored the genre of fiction and the role of characters, setting, and plot. Daily, they practiced their sentence building and conversational skills.

    Using number lines, they also practiced placing numbers in their appropriate sequence.

    Whitney Eagleson

    Students practiced identifying the main events in a plot. As they worked with phonics for letters O, P, and Q, they got creative and made their own telescopes, sorting through pictures that began with each letter sound. They explored the relationship between numbers and quantities and read poetry directly related to the five senses.


    Samantha Tupper

    Students practiced independent reading and writing in their back to school writing journals. In math, they learned place values for 1’s, 10’s and 100’s.

    Maura Rupert

    Students practiced handwriting and working independently. They also practiced identifying subjects of sentences, reading comprehension and phonics.

    Kristin Thomforde

    Students are reading the novel, Wonder as they learn to identify literary devices such as point of view and figurative language. In math, they are learning to add and subtract.

    Kristen Walker

    Students began exploring the topic of Oceans, brainstorming what they already know about coral reefs, plants, safety, and waves. As a class, they built a coral reef using butcher paper and glue.

  • Things To Come


    Movie Night Under The Stars:

    Friday, September 21st
    $10 per family

    Bring a blanket or beach chairs to Collage and enjoy a night under the stars watching a cartoon classic with friends. Popcorn and ticket sales will benefit the Guided Reading Library.

    Contact: collagepto@gmail.com

    Book Fair: October 15th-20th

    Get ready! The books are arriving soon! Join us October 15-20th for a full week of the Book Fair celebrating the enchanting world of books. There will be a wide selection of pre-school and elementary-level books for sale in the media center and the multi-purpose room. Find books carefully selected by teachers and librarians to launch your child into his or her next literary adventure. Consider helping to stock the shelves of our own Collage Day School library by donating your favorite children’s book. Join the fun, volunteer, and help foster a child’s lifelong literary journey. 

    To volunteer, contact Nicole Blanford:


    Fall Festival: October 20th

    10:00 am-1:00 pm

    Celebrate the season at this community event hosted at Collage Day School. Everyone is welcome for an afternoon of carnival games, food, face painting, complimentary family photos, and more. Parent volunteers are greatly needed, so please consider serving alongside Collage staff to host a fun-filled day.

    Contact: collagepto@gmail.com

    TimberNook: October 15th

    9:00 am- 1:00 pm
    $65 (Ages 4-9)

    There’s no school, so why not make it a TimberNook Day? Imagine a haunted forest and campfire treats. The woods will take on a whole new life as the forest becomes inspiration for creative adventures.

    To register, contact Emily Vassquez:


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