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May 14, 2018
  • Weekly Review

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers and mother figures in the Collage Community! Students have been preparing some fantastic Mother’s Day treats. In the spirit of celebration, lets celebrate the fantastic REGGIO and STEAM activities that took place this week!

    Observe Wonder Learn


    Abstract Expressionism

    Ms. Donna’s VPK students made an artistic splash painting without the use of a brush! Using water balloons, a canvas of white butcher paper, and paint, students created a class mural showing color and abstract expressionism.


    3-D Shapes

    In Ms. Amanda’s VPK class, students formed three-dimensional shapes using toothpicks and marshmallows. The class read a book with picture examples of three-dimensional shapes. The class took turns identifying different three-dimensional shapes. Students then sorted the examples of three-dimensional shapes. For Reggio Thursday, Students explored the courtyard, keeping an eye out for a total of 3 natural items such as sticks, flowers, rocks, leaves, etc. Students identified the 3 found items and affixed them to a poster. The Nature shape posters will be featured in the classroom for all the students to see!

    The class also learned all about symmetry and what items around the room are symmetrical. This week we worked on part one of making symmetrical flowers.

    Going Green

    Ms. Silimona’s class is going green, in a manner of speaking. Students used a magnifying glass to explore the plant life in the courtyard. Using the magnifying glass, students were able to see and compare different shades of green.


    “Spray” painting

    Ms. Shari’s VPK class created spray art that Jackson Pollock would be envious of! Students took turns spraying various bottles of different colored tempera paint on to cut squares of poster board outside. When the paint tried the squares were assembled into a multicolored class masterpiece!

    Straw Blowing Race

    The students also held a very interesting race. Using drinking straws, balls, feathers, pompoms, tissue paper, bouncy balls, rocks, paper cup, sticks, and leaves, the class held a straw blowing race! The class identified the materials, discussing the weight and shape of the objects. Students made predictions about which items would move the fastest when blown with air from a straw.

    Parachutes and Seeds

    Ms. Patti’s First graders took to the courtyard to play with parachutes! The class also planted seeds in cups containing soil. The class is eager to see their plants sprout!

    Nature Journals

    Ms. Buss and Ms. Currie’s kindergarten classes have been keeping nature journals. Students have been recording their observations about campus flora and fauna.


    Making Vases

    Mrs. De La Cruz’s upper elementary students made REGGIO inspired vases, recycling coffee cans to create beautiful gifts. Using brown cardstock to cover the coffee can, students then affixed twigs around the perimeter of the can to create a natural inspired vase with a finishing touch of a raffia ribbon. A rustic way to display flowers and plants!

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    Enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year is open!

    Enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year is open!
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