Weekly News - April 9-13

April 13, 2018
  • Weekly Review

    The Monday rains have given way to sunny skies and temperate weather. Ideas are hatching left and right! Students are using their REGGIO and STEAM activities to grow, create, construct, and even soar! Owl bet you are going to enjoy reading about it below!

    Observe Wonder Learn


    Planting Bean Stalks

    Inspired by the classic English fairy tale “Jack and the Beanstalk,” Mrs. Mathews three year old students decided to plant their own beanstalks. Students covered lima beans in a wet paper towel and planted fava beans in soil. Each day they will be observing the growth of their “stalks” in the different growing environments.


    Books and Bread

    Students read “The Little Red Hen” and inspired by the book, created their own class book about how students can help at home and at school. Students also made an egg and dairy free bread recipe from scratch!

    Water Balloon Painting

    Ms. Tina’s three year old class. painted a masterpiece using water balloons and paint. Traditional brushes took a break as students dipper water balloons into paint, pressing the balloons on their canvas to create shapes and patterns.


    This week bird is the word!

    Many of the VPK classes created their own birds nests! Each class put their own unique spin on the nests they created either with materials or methodology.

    Using crumpled up brown lunch bags, Ms. Shari’s VPK students adhered natural materials such as twigs, grass, leaves, and other found objects to create some very cozy bird real estate. According to the latest trends, cozy yet open concept is on trend in bird real estate.

    Ms. Donna’s VPK students created bird nests combining natural and manmade materials. Using Play-Doh as the nest’s foundation, students measured and designed canary-sized condos for marshmallow peep birds using sticks, leaves, and grass!

    Ms. Silimona’s students showed that birds of a feather flock together. Students collectively made a nest out of grasses, mud, sticks, and other natural items. The team effort was a success, resulting in a birds nest worthy of even the most discerning flock.


    T-shirt Designs

    Ms. Amanda’s Half-Day VPK students completely upstaged the runways of Paris by designing their own T-shirts. Using a classic fashion staple of plain white T-shirts, students adorned their creations using paints, markers, various shapes and forms. Style met substance as the students took their shirts and hung them on the class laundry line to dry, continuing their exploration of doing laundry in the home living section of the classroom.

    Students also conducted an experiment using mentos candies and a bottle of soda. Students made educated guesses about what they think would happen when the candy was dropped into the bottle. The conducted the experiment outside to see if their predictions matched the results. The experiment resulted in a geyser of foam from the bottle soda as the candy and soda combined.


    Tree Imagery

    Ms. Shari’s students looked at several pieces of artwork featuring real and imaginary trees. The class discussed colors, tree imagery, and how the different pieces evoked emotion. Students painted their own trees using a variety of paint colors.


    Letter of the day is “N”!

    Ms. Silimona’s VPK class created art work celebrating the letter “N” and considering the phrase “N is for Night.” Students drew stars on their “N”s using white and yellow crayons. Students then painted over the wax stars, revealing small beads of paint on top of the wax. A different version of a Van Gogh “starry night” painting. From the night sky to the rain clouds, Ms. Silimona brought the water cycle to life by helping her students create rain in a jar using water, shaving cream, and blue food coloring!


    Making Sundials

    Ms. Buss and Ms. Currie’s kindergartners made their own sundials using rocks, sticks, and the good ole’ sun to tell the time using nature. Each student’s sun dial was outline with chalk on the courtyard and labeled with the sun dial maker’s name!


    Egg Drop

    Ms. Patti’s first graders attempted one of the most tried and true challenges that a young student might face…the EGG DROP. Physics, gravity, and the possibility of accidentally smashing an egg. The stakes are high but the students met the challenge head on, working to create a vehicle that would insulate a fragile egg being dropped from a great height. Truly an eggciting feat! To top off the week, the students went on a nature themed scavenger hunt around the campus. The class was organized into two teams and were tasked to find objects such as such as rocks, twigs, feathers, flowers, grass and pine cones.


    Flying High

    Mrs. De La Cruz’s upper elementary students continue to explore exciting kite action. This time, the students became the flight engineers, creating their own kites using cloth and sticks. We will fly into the wild blue yonder with the upper elementary students any day!


    Check out more photos from this week below!

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