Weekly News - April 2-6

April 6, 2018
  • Weekly Review

    Spring is in the air at Collage Day School! From the new students and families joining our community (a hearty welcome once more!) to the feathered and furry additions of two new rabbits and four baby chicks, the campus is full of life! Two Owlets have moved in on campus too, an apt addition considering the owl is our mascot! OWL-Observe, Wonder, Learn!

    Observe Wonder Learn

    Students have sprung right into the action as demonstrated by this weeks REGGIO and STEAM activities…

    Force and Motion

    Mrs. Mathews three-year-old students learned about physics specifically force and motion. Students observed various objects as they were placed on ramps and inclines and asked to think about why some objects rolled down or remained in place.


    Laundry Day

    Ms. Amanda’s half-day VPK students are learning about clothing and laundry. They turned their dramatic play area into a laundry room. They were sorting darks and whites and learning how we take care of our clothes. Keeping the squeaky clean fun going, students blew bubbles using straws and solutions made from dish soap along with creating bubble art.

    Wildlife Search

    Ms. Donna’s VPK class took in the beautiful weather via the schools nature trails. Students were in search of wildlife to document, equipped with clipboards and crayons in hand to document their findings!


    Edible Easter Construction

    Ms Donna’s students also constructed their own Easter inspired structures using jellybeans, Marshmallow Peeps and Toothpicks! Construction was halted a few times due to consumed building materials. Construction resumed after students finished snacking.

    Ms. Shari’s VPK students enjoyed a picnic under a tree. This wasn’t just your run of the mill picnic, it was a sensory picnic! Students lay down underneath the tree using their senses to describe what they saw, heard, and felt. Students later made tree rubbings in the courtyard using unwrapped crayons to capture the patterns of the trunks.

    Shocking Experiments!

    Ms. Silimona’s VPK students experimented with static electricity. Students took turns rubbing a balloon on each other’s hair. Students were shocked by the silly effect of hair standing on end due to the static.

    Bird Nests

    Ms. Buss and Mrs. Currie’s kindergartners built their own birds nests! Just in time as the campus welcomes two baby owlets who have taken residence in a tree by the basketball court!


    Story Time

    Ms. Patti’s 1st graders practiced retelling stories, inspired by the nursery rhyme “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly.” Students also read the wacky Easter themed story “There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Chick!” by Lucille Colandro.


    Flying High

    Mrs. De La Cruz’s upper elementary students took to the skies once more with kite flying. The students have risen in rank as their kite navigation skills continue to improve to new aerodynamic heights!


    Check out more photos from this week below!

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    Summer Camp

    Most Inquisitive Club

    June 4 – July 27
    During each of the 8 weeks, children can investigate one of 8 ways to increase their brain power- based on the theory of multiple intelligence.


    TimberNook Barefoot and Buckets

    A traditional TimberNook program where young children have unique play experiences that challenge their mind and body in beautiful natural settings, followed by hours of free play out in the wild.


    TimberNook Going Wild

    Back by popular demand, this is a classic TimberNook camp for the older children that love creating their own little world in the woods.

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    Night Under The Stars

    Featuring the family film, Ferdinand! Enjoy free popcorn and activities. Food trucks will be available starting at 6:00 PM. Bring your own chairs and blankets.
    April 13 at 6:00 PM
    Cost: $10 Per Family

    Adults Wellness Wednesdays

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