Weekly News - March 19-23

March 23, 2018
  • Weekly Review

    In celebration of Collage’s new mascot, the students engaged in Owl themed Reggio and Steam activities this week. It was a HOOT!

    Observe Wonder Learn


    Ms. Tina’s three-year-old class read the book “Owl Babies” by Martin Waddell. Did you know that a baby owl is called an owlet?! Owlets look little puffballs with beaks before they grow and develop their adult plumage. The students created their own little puffy owlet friends using cotton, construction paper and glue.


    Counting Owls


    Ms. Sharon’s three-year-old class counted using owls and identified the numeral that matched the number of owls present. Students also matched owls to their homes, placing owls in the tree that had the same shape

    Owl Pellet Dissections

    The VPK through Upper Elementary school classes each held their own owl pellet dissection!

    Ms. Donna’s VPK class learned different owl facts while singing The Owl Song by the Whizpops and counted along to the song Ten Little Owls – Counting for Kids, reviewing the numbers 6 – 10. In small groups, students dissected the pellets to see the various small animals that a barn owl eats.


    Ms. Shari’s VPK students tried to count how many different small animal skeletons they could identify within their pellet samples. Ms. Silimona’s VPK students counted the total number of animal bones found in their pellets and graphed which type of food the owls ate most frequently. Ms. Amanda’s students reviewed the scientific tools used to dissect and observe specimen before opening up their pellets.

    Ms. Currie and Ms.Buss’ kindergarten students discussed what owls can and cannot digest and how to infer based on the remains found in the owl pellets. Ms. Patti’s 1st graders used the dissection to talk about owl and bird related vocabulary, such as “prey” and “regurgitate.” Mrs. De La Cruz’s upper elementary students made predictions of what they would find in the pellets before the dissection. They grouped their findings into categories of similar animal bones and noted the differences.

    Classes also engaged in Easter themed activities!

    Mrs. Matthew’s three-year-old students used squeeze bottle paint to decorate large Easter eggs, then mixing the paint on the eggs with squeegees! An eggcellent paint medium!

    Ms. Donna’s VPK class used Easter Bunnies to learn their right hands from left hands. The class read “The Runaway Bunny” and “A Bunny Tale Left Right.” Inspired by the stories they played games where students needed to raise their left or right hand or pass an object to the left side or ride side of the circle.


    Ms. Patti’s 1st graders went on an Easter egg hunt on the campus! When not on the search for eggs, students used paper and crayons to make etchings of tree trunks and other natural items to explore texture and pattern.


  • Spotlight

    Meet our new school mascot, O.W.L (Observe Wonder Learn)!

    A real life owl has taken up residence in a tree in the woods behind our very own basketball court here at Collage! The VPK through Upper Elementary students went to the woods near the courts to try and observe and listen to the sounds of the schools new (and apt!) neighbor. Ms. Sara in the front office thinks it’s a Great Horned Owl and Dr. G thinks it is a Barred Owl and we are eager for our student ornithologists to confirm.

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