Weekly News - March 12-16

March 16, 2018
  • Weekly Review

    This week we sprang forward with Daylight Savings. The students followed suit, springing ahead with engaging STEAM experiments and Reggio activities!

    Seeds and Soil

    Ms. Sharon’s three-year-old class transformed their classrooms’ dramatic play area into a Garden & Farm Stand. Students reviewed what they learned about gardening including the importance of soil, where seeds come from, and how seeds are different from one another. Students then created their own kinetic sand, using cornstarch as the main ingredient.


    Making Butterflies

    Ms. Tina’s threes class made their own butterflies using popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners paint, and cardstock. The butterflies are enjoying their new home in the classrooms home living area, along with a variety of fairy wings. The students love pretending to be butterflies and other winged wonders!

    Toy Car Art

    Ms. Donna’s VPK class listened to the audio story “The Noisy Paint Box: The Colors and Sounds of Kandinsky’s Abstract Art” by Barb Rosenstock. The story fancifully tells how artist Kandinsky experienced color as music and the artistic symphonies he created. Students shared which examples of his art they liked and how it made them feel. The class painted their own watercolor works while listening to different types of music for inspiration. From music to the motorway, students took painting to a whole other level! Students set up a toy car ramp and strategically placed, red, yellow, and blue paint at the top starting line. Toy cards started their engines in the paint and raced down the track, creating a rainbow in the path of the cars!

    Cloud and Rain Experiment

    Ms. Amanda’s VPK class learned about changing weather patterns. Using shaving cream, water, and blue food coloring, students were able to simulate how clouds make rainwater, discussing how weather conditions change within the environment.

    Shamrock Fun

    Ms. Silimona’s students celebrated St. Patrick’s day early when they sorted shamrocks by size to observe patterns. After sorting the various sized shamrocks, students arranged them to create letters of the alphabet. Students painted their shamrocks after mixing blue and yellow paint to make green paint. A fitting emerald hue for the iconic St. Patty’s day symbol!

    Making Bubbles

    Ms. Shari’s class created a leprechaun trap and the leprechaun visited the classroom in their absence and left a mess for the children to pick up. Unfortunately, the trap was empty. In homage to the letter “K”, Ms. Shari’s VPK students also painted K creations with Kool-Aid. Mixing Kool-Aid powder and water not only makes for a drink, but a fun and sweet smelling paint medium! Did students have fun painting their Kool-Aid creations? To quote the iconic Kool-Aid man, “Oh yeaah!” The class also took a turn blowing bubbles. Each student received a cup of his or her own bubble solution. Using straws, the students blew as many bubbles as possible, which resulted in an overflow of bubbling cups.

    Bird is the Word!

    Ms. Buss and Ms. Currie’s Kindergartners discussed the characteristics of birds, their unique survival skills and how they differ from other creatures in the animal kingdom. For example, did you know that most birds have hollow bones, which makes them light enough to take flight? Even flightless birds have extraordinary survival skills like the penguins warm insulating down feathers or the speed of an Ostrich on the Savannah. The Kindergarten class is showing us that bird is the word!


    Nature Walk Bracelets

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Borrowing the idea from Ms. Rossi’s class, the Kindergartners created nature walk bracelets in the courtyard. Students gently wrapped duct tape around one wrist, with the adhesive facing out. Students then collected small natural objects and affixed them to their bracelets for decoration.


    Pots of Gold and Rainbows!

    Ms. Patti’s 1st graders got to taste a rainbow! Using Froot Loops Cereal, marshmallows and pipe cleaners, students strung together a colorful St. Patrick’s day rainbow and puffy white clouds. A feast for the eyes and the stomach alike! You may be asking, “but where is the pot of gold ad the end of the rainbow?” Not to worry, the students created their own pots of gold for their rainbows by painting small rocks placed in a clay pot.


    Flying Kites

    Mrs. De La Cruz’s upper elementary students took kites to the skies! The class discussed what is needed for a kite to take flight? The wind cooperated that day as the kites rose towards the clouds. With speed, teamwork, and ingenuity, the student’s descended into the wild blue yonder while all the while remaining safely on the ground.


  • Teacher Spotlight

    Meet Tina Rihlmann


    I grew up in Hamilton, NJ. and went to Mercer County Community College & Vocational School. I have been teaching for 3 years. Before Collage, I worked as lead VPK teacher at The Learning Experience in Nocatee. I was twice blessed with twin girls eight years ago! My husband, Charlie and I just adore them to pieces. They keep us super busy, and we love every second of watching them grow. We named Twin “A” Ava Noelle and Twin “B” Brianna Isabelle. On the weekends, you will find me enjoying time with my family and friends!

    Cheering on the sidelines at my daughters softball/basketball games, the Nocatee Splashpark, the beach, Disney World, and taking day trips exploring local family fun activities. I love to learn new things, like recently my favorite hobby is sewing. I just bought a sewing/embroidery machine and I’m having a good time learning how to use it. I also love to create iMovies! It’s a special way to share the thousands of photos I take throughout the year!



    Teaching Philosophy

    My teaching philosophy is to lead with love, teach with passion, and to play with purpose. My favorite teaching quote is, “Teaching is a work of heart❤️.”


    Fun Fact

    I worked in a hair salon after high school. While working in a salon, I met my husband. Obviously, I no longer work in a hair salon, but I still cut his hair to this day!


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