Weekly News - March 5-9

March 9, 2018
  • Weekly Review

    As we MARCH into the month, we continue our celebration of Dr. Seuss from last week (March 2nd marked his 114th birthday!). There was no shortage of fascinating and engaging STEAM and Reggio activities as our students wonderfully demonstrated!

    Crafting Bird Feeders

    Ms. Sharon’s three-year-old students took in some natural wonders with a little help from some cereal and craft materials. Students strung cheerios onto fuzzy pipe cleaners to make bird feeders. The feeders will be placed in the trees outside the classroom and the students are excited to observe the birds (and perhaps some very sneaky squirrels too!). Students also took turns flying kites, taking advantage of these weeks cooler and windier weather.


    Ooey Gooey Oobleck!

    Ms. Donna’s VPK students read “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” by Dr. Seuss. In the story, young Bartholomew must save his kingdom from an overgrown gooey substance known as Oobleck. After reading the book students talked about the differences between solid materials and liquid materials. Students then made their very own Oobleck (don’t worry, it didn’t take over the classroom like in the story!) and tried to determine if the ooey gooey substance is a solid or a liquid.

    Egg Hunt

    On Reggio Thursday, students embarked on a centennial themed scavenger hunt! The class searched for 100 plastic Easter eggs, each labeled with a number 1 through 100. After collecting all of the eggs, students matched the number on the eggs with the correct number on the class 100’s chart.

    Cat in the Hat Towers

    Ms. Shari’s VPK students drew inspiration from the cat in the hat. With Red Plastic Cups and white squares as their tools, they built stacks just like that! Through trial and error the students did seek the best way to stack their paper and cup. With towers a going, the students all the while knowing that the towers were on the way up!

    Cat in the Hat Art

    Students continued their Seuss inspired activities. His colorful pages full of lush illustrations provide a world of endless possibilities! A coffee filter canvas provided the base. With bold colors at hand, students scribbled, drew, and stamped beautiful hues all over the place! With a spritz of H20, the colors will flow creating a unique piece of art. The students gave us a thrill with their artistic skill creating works straight from the heart!

    Mixing Colors

    Ms. Amanda’s VPK class engaged in play with colors in a different medium. Students mixed primary and secondary colors together to see what combinations could be made! The children learned that two primary colors make a secondary color: Red and Yellow make Orange, Yellow and Blue make Green and Red and Blue make Purple.

    Tie Dye Towel Art

    Ms. Silimona’s VPK students took color for a walk, so to speak! Using damp paper towels and jars of different colored dyes, students absorbed the different colors and watched them travel from jar to jar, resulting in a tie-dyed towel work of art!


    Nature Bracelets and Green Slime!

    Patti’s first graders made their own version of Oobleck by creating a verdant green slime, perfect for tactile learning and experimentation! Tactile learning took to the woods as students collected natural items from the nature trails to create their own nature walk bracelets. Eco friendly and stylish? Count me in!


  • Spotlight

    Elementary Student-led Yoga

    Our spotlight this week is all of our awesome VPK and elementary students who had a blast directing yoga on Monday. The students did a phenomenal job leading their parents through a variety of yoga poses through various songs.Thank you to all of the wonderful parents who joined us!

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