Weekly News - Febuary 26-March 2

March 2, 2018
  • Weekly Review

    As we transition from February to March, our students approached the week’s Reggio and STEAM activities head on, hands on, and full of vibrant color!

    Mixing it up

    Ms. Sharon’s three year olds tried their hand at mixing and measuring ingredients. Lucky them, the ingredients they were using were pancake mix! A tasty way to dive into science and math!


    I Love Colors!

    Ms. Donna’s VPK class read “I Love Colors!” by Hans Wilhelm. Students followed up their literary love of colors with an experiment combining edible icing and food coloring mixing.

    Letter Search

    For Reggio Thursday, the class created a chart of uppercase letters. Students then went to the courtyard and searched for lower case letters. The found letters were then matched with their upper case counterparts for a complete letter chart.

    Abstract Art

    Ms. Amanda’s VPK students paid homage to abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky’s most recognizable work, “Color Study, Squares with Concentric Circles.” Inspired by the piece, students painted their own works of colored circles. Colors came to life from the canvas to courtyard when the students played a rousing game of red light-green light.

    Sponge Gardens and Bubbles

    Ms. Silimona’s VPK class showed off their green thumbs as they began to plant their sponge gardens. What is a sponge garden you ask? Simple! Soak a sponge in water, wring out the excess water so the sponge is damp and place on a plate. Sprinkle grass seeds on the sponge and cover the sponge loosely in plastic wrap. Set plate in a sunny spot and sprinkle with water as needed to maintain slight dampness. Voila! In two weeks our students will have their own mini lawns! 

    From sponge gardens to painting with bubbles! Students took the conventional act of painting and gave it a twist by using paint in bubble form to create exciting new art creations!

    Mixing Colors

    Ms. Shari’s VPK students read “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds, a story of of a girl named Vashti who learns to embrace her artistic talent and embrace self-expression. Continuing the theme of creativity and self-expression, students were given a blank canvas in a piece of paper and like the main character of Vashti, began their own journey of self-expression. Incorporating Reggio elements in the courtyard, the class read “Mouse Paint” by Ellen Stoll Walsh. Using red, blue and yellow water, students set out to see how many colors they could create by mixing different combinations of the three primary colors.

    Flower Buds

    Ms. Currie and Ms. Buss’ respective kindergarten classes focused in on flower buds on the trees in the courtyard. Students spent a few minutes examining the buds in their natural state on the trees and recorded their observations. Students were then given their own bud and placed it on Ms. Currie’s lighted tabletop space. Students observed their specimen more closely for 10 minutes on the lighted surface and recorded their observations, making comparisons between the bud on the tree and the bud close up on the table.


    Secret Sounds

    Ms. Buss’ students continued their section on sound, learning about objects that create sound vs objects that do not produce sound. They made comparisons between loud and soft sounds. Students put their ears to the test by guessing the secret object contained in a plastic egg based on the sound it made.


    Dr. Seuss Week

    This week we celebrated Dr. Seuss Week. The elementary students participated in fun learning experiences based on some of Dr. Seuss’ most popular books. Students were engaged throughout the week with activities like art projects and activities involving food. Each day we focused on a specific book and included activities to teach word families, rhyming words, making predictions and STEM. Students also wore spirit wear each day to go with the theme of the book they read.


  • Teacher Spotlight

    Meet Mrs. Mathews

    Mrs. Mathews grew up in a military family, so she moved from Delaware to Kentucky to Rhode Island when she was younger, but settled in Jacksonville in elementary school. Mrs. Mathews stayed in Jacksonville for college and graduated from the University of North Florida. She has been married to Jeremy for 25 years and they have 3 children: Zoe (24), Hunter (21) and Ethan (17). Mrs. Mathews enjoys traveling, especially to festivals of all types from music to art to yoga to surf to food. She also enjoys having “no plans weekends” and just hanging out at home cooking, watching football and movies, and going to the beach.

    Mrs. Mathews has been a teacher since 1994. Before coming to Collage, Mrs. Mathews taught ESE in Duval County, subbed in St. Johns County, and taught kids’ yoga- which she still does.

    Teaching Philosophy

    I facilitate thinking. I engage minds. I listen to questions. I encourage risk. I support struggle. I cultivate dreams. I learn everyday. I teach.

    Fun Facts

    Pocahontas is one of her ancestors! Also, she is currently pursuing her dream job of working for Sesame Workshop and living in NYC in a few years.

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    A traditional TimberNook program where young children have unique play experiences that challenge their mind and body in beautiful natural settings, followed by hours of free play out in the wild.

    TimberNook Going Wild

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