Weekly News - Febuary 19-23

February 23, 2018
  • Weekly Review

    This week the weather has been warming up and so have the exciting Reggio and STEM happenings!

    Cupid’s Garden

    The results are in for the Cupid’s Garden Challenge from last week! As you may recall Mrs. De La Cruz’s class conducted an experiment placing a rose in a vase with a penny, a candy heart, ice, and flower food respectively to see which variable would keep the rose alive the longest. Drum roll please…the winner is flower food! Thank you everyone for participating and sharing your guesses!


    Egg Soak

    In honor of February being national dental health month, Ms. Donna’s VPK class read the “The Tooth Book” followed by a discussion of how certain foods and beverages can stain teeth. Students then conducted an experiment placing three eggs respectively in a cup of water, milk or Kool-Aid overnight. The white shells represent tooth enamel. Students observed reactions the following day.


    Shadow Tracing

    Students also participated in shadow tracing, and what a beautiful week it was for the students. The tracing had been postponed to cloudy weather last week but were able to take advantage of the warm, sunny weather this week.


    Sink or Float

    Students in Ms. Amanda’s VPK class examined classroom objects and made comparisons based on the objects ability to float or sink in a bin of water. For Reggio Thursday, Ms. Amanda’s class collected natural objects from the courtyard. The objects were then weighed and compared and placed into a category of heavy or light.

    Penny Chemistry

    “See a penny, pick it up. All day long you’ll have good luck!” Ms. Silimona’s VPK students were in luck to conduct a fun experiment involving shining up pennies within a mixture of baking soda and vinegar or lemon juice. Students observed how the penny reacted to the mixture resulting in a clean and shiny coin! Oddly enough, if you start out with a shiny/clean penny, the mixture will turn it dark brown, as the students discovered.

    Making Music

    “One Mans trash is another mans treasure.” Ms. Silimona’s students took the adage to groovy new heights by making musical instruments out of “junk” found in the classroom. Sound is all around us, from the crinkling of a piece of paper, the tapping of a pencil on a water bottle and the drumming of fingers on a container. Anything can be a musical instrument as the students demonstrated, singing their favorite classroom songs with instrument accompaniment.

    Sensory Identification

    Ms. Buss’s kindergarten students compared different objects found outside and categorized them based on the objects size and texture. Students then drew observations about their found objects. From sense of touch to sense of sound, the class began their science unit on sound. As an exercise, the students were given a variety of sounds that they had to identify by matching the sound to the correct image.


    Cardboard Binoculars

    Ms. Patti’s 1st graders crafted and decorated their own binoculars out of cardboard and used them to observe nature. They also got hands-on when they made fluffy slime!



    The Upper Elementary students learned about the importance of fossils and imprints and what these artifacts can teach us about the past. The class also learned how fossils are formed over time (make no bones about it!). Discussing fossils and imprints students were introduced to the concept of what it means to infer based on evidence. Students put their inferring skills to the test by creating their own clay fossils and imprints of prehistoric creatures. Students created artwork of their initials using objects found in nature, artistic artifacts that will be cherished for years to come!


    More Great Happenings at Collage

    Working with natural loose parts:


    Natural Letter Making

  • Spotlight

    Meet Dr. Bright

    Dr. Bright from Bright Smiles visited us this week to discuss the importance of taking care of our teeth for National Children’s Dental Health Month.

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