Weekly News - Febuary 12-16

February 16, 2018
  • Weekly Review

    Perhaps hit by the aim of Cupid’s bow, students participated in some Valentines themed Reggio and STEM activities. Love of learning is in the air! The only thing bigger than our students’ brains is their HEART!

    All About the Heart

    The Tin Man famously lamented, “If I only had a heart!” He would have been so lucky to have the three year olds in Ms. Sharon’s class explain the heart to them as this week they learned all about this vital organ. Students learned the shape and location of the heart in the human body. Did you know that a child’s heart is a little larger than their firsts? Students became amateur cardiologists, feeling their own heartbeats and pulses. The students now have an understanding of this important muscle in our bodies.



    Ms. Angela’s three-year-old students showed the love in making positive statements about their selves and their classmates. Students also read the poem “Your Turn to Talk” by out very own Dr. Gigi Morales David! Students showed some love to our furry friends, learning all about positive pet care, specifically spotlighting the ferret as a pet. Students also made their own ferret sock puppets.


    Love Potions

    Ms. Donna’s VPK students mixed their own Valentines Day love potions! Students’ mixed baking soda, glitter, and vinegar in one vase and Kool-Aid and glitter in the other vase. After pouring the liquid mixture on top of each vase, students observed how the love potions foamed up, reacting to the baking soda!  Love is not always an art, but a science as the budding chemists demonstrated!


    Color of Love

    Ms. Silimona’s VPK students got into the Valentines Day spirit mixing valentines themed colors. After singing the rainbow song in class, students used their knowledge of colors to make pink using red and white paint. Using their Valentines Day pink palette they made their own individual works of art. The students also created valentines well wishes using red fingerprints to create a heart outline.

    Alphabet City

    Ms. Shari’s VPK class read “Alphabet City” by Stephen T. Johnson. The book features pastel and watercolor illustrations to reveal letters woven into the landscape of a bustling urban metropolis. Students explored their classroom and the courtyard to find letters that may be hiding in plain sight, perhaps an “A” in the Arch of a picnic table or the “O” in the outdoor fire pit. Letters are everywhere if you just give it a look!

    Toothpick Construction

    Using toothpicks and heart shaped marshmallows, Ms. Shari’s VPK students created various structures. Some were plane shapes laid flat against the table while others were built as 3D structures. All structures were engineered beautifully and looked equally delicious! 

    Friendship Slime

    In Ms. Amanda’s VPK class students made friendship slime! The students made slime in four different colors. The premise of friendship slime is that some friends may have green slime or blue slime etc., but when you put all the slime colors together it is one slime, Even with the one slime ball, all the individual colors still shine through, a wonderful (and tactile!) metaphor for friendship, community and individuality!


    Sun Dials

    Time is a manmade construct, as the adage goes. The Kindergarten classes showed us that it is a hand drawn construct too! Students became human sundials, tracing shadows at various points in the day. Tracing shadows at exactly 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM, and 1:40 PM, students were able to pin point the suns location via the shadow and thus determine the time of day. 


    Mini Museum Curators

    Ms. Patti’s first graders became mini museum curators! Using cardboard from shoeboxes and a cotton liner, students created their own miniature museum exhibits. Specimens were collected during a class nature walk. Exhibits contained items such as nature such as leaves, sticks, rocks and pinecones.


    Cupids Garden Challenge

    For the Upper Elementary School classes, everything is coming up roses! This week the class debuted the Cupids Garden Challenge to see what items can prolong the life of a rose. The four rose test subjects were placed in a vase with a different variable: florists’ flower food powder, ice, candy hearts, or pennies. Students have been making predictions about which added item will keep the rose alive the longest. Stay tuned to hear the results! 


  • Spotlight

    Please welcome our newest addition to join the Collage family, the pot belly pig… Scarlett O’Hair!

    Scarlett’s favorite thing to do on the weekend is to take a dip in the mud. She enjoys most food, but definitely not BACON! Her favorite thing to say to the kids each morning is oink, oink, oink and her favorite color is red just like her name.

    A Few Words from Scarlett…

    “My name is Scarlett; I’m a cute mini pot belly pig. The courtyard is my castle during the school day. My favorite actress is Scarlett JoHAMsson, I am even named after her. My favorite president is AbraHAM Lincoln.  I love to bake in the sun to pass the time.  All the students adore me and I’m quite the celebrity around here. It’s fitting for me; I think I’m pretty amazing too!”

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