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Weekly News - January 29 - February 2

February 2, 2018
  • Weekly Review

    This week students were moving and shaking, literally! Using Reggio and STEM activities, students explored shapes, movement, motion, and identified characteristics using their senses of sight and taste

    Outdoor Learning

    There’s a lot more to mulch than meets the eye. Using mulch from the courtyard, the Kindergartners wrote the names of shapes on colorful paper. They collected sod squares, cedar circles, boxes of birch! Students cultivated quite an array of shape creations indeed


    Pasta Picasso

    VPK students were very engaged in creating portraits in the medium of macaroni and other uncooked pasta shapes. Their creations could only be described as delicious, a veritable feast for the eyes. 


    Scavenger Hunt 

    From pasta shells to seashells, VPK students explored creative movement and creating shapes through dance. In a scavenger hunt with a twist, teachers hid shells with numbers written on them. The numbers represented how many seconds the student who found the shell had to dance. If they picked a “zero” shell, students could freestyle for as many seconds as they 



    Jungle Boogey

    Students also read stories about jungle animals and enjoyed a game of jungle movement! Students embodied the animals they read about, slithering like snakes, swinging like monkeys, jumping like kangaroos. A hopping good time was had by all.

    Animal Collage

    From the jungles to the seas, the first grade class created shapes and forms using collages of ocean animals. Shapes and sizes played a fascinating role as students used mobiles to depict oceanic food chains. Did you know that the biggest mammal on earth, the blue whale, only eats crill, one of the smallest creatures in the ocean?! Even the tiniest animals can make a big difference in our ecosystem!

    Unique Giraffe Spots

    VPK students read the story “Giraffes Can’t Dance” and shared interesting giraffe facts (did you know giraffes have long tongues so they can eat their favorite snack, acacia leaves without getting pricked by thorns?). Using an eyedropper, paper towels and watercolor paint, students created their own giraffe patterns.


    Salt Water Poll Graphing

    Continuing on last weeks STEM activity of testing salt water & buoyancy, students became taste testers. In a classroom poll, students were asked if they ever had gone to the beach and tasted the ocean water. Was it Salty? Did you like the taste? Teachers graphed the results integrating science and math.


  • Teacher Spotlight

    Meet Shannon Mead, 1-Year-Old Class Teacher

    Shannon grew up all over as her father was in the U.S. Navy. She received her bachelor’s degree from UNF and her masters from Strayer University. Shannon has been teaching since 1991. She started at a preschool at Fletcher Senior High School where students brought their children so they could finish school. Before coming to Collage, Shannon was teaching at a daycare on Baymeadows. Shannon has one daughter who is a student at FSCJ and is interested in pursuing a career as an Occupational Therapy Assistant. Shannon enjoys spending time with her daughter, reading, making baby blankets, swimming, and spending time with friends. Shannon feels blessed to be a part of the Collage family and hopes to be for many years to come.

    Teaching Philosophy

    “I believe that good and dedicated teachers create paths for their students to want to be and do whatever their hearts desire in the future. A good educational foundation begins with us.”

    Did You Know…

    Shannon loves to dance Zumba and hopes to become a Zumba instructor!

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