Planning Underway for Exciting P.E. Program

May 24, 2017
Emily Vasquez is excited about introducing the TimberNook program to northeast Florida.

Collage’s director of health & wellness, Emily Vasquez, recently received five days of intensive training at TimberNook’s 60-acre wooded headquarters in Barrington, New Hampshire, where she learned different qualities and techniques that make a strong TimberNook program.

Collage Day School’s director of health & wellness, Emily Vasquez, will be busy this summer planning the P.E. curriculum for an exciting 2017-18 school year. Her students will have fun working on individual skills, spatial/body awareness, directionality, fine/gross motor development, rhythm and movement, low organized and cooperative games. The school year will be capped with field day events.

In keeping with Collage’s educational philosophy that allows students to discover concepts for themselves, Emily will give her students opportunities to be in charge of designing some of the equipment they and she will use. Students will also have the opportunity to become little yogis in her yoga curriculum, where they will learn about the power of breathing, meditation, postures and more. They will even have a chance to be junior yoga instructors for their parents who will join them in a yoga class set to The Lion Kings’ Circle of Life.

Emily is also incorporating the TimberNook Nature Program into her curriculum to give students the ultimate sensory experience.

“TimberNook’s approach to creative play inspires children to get involved in their own unique way. During my training, I witnessed children improving all aspects of their development in a way that is meaningful for them rather than adult directed.” – Emily Vasquez, Director of Health & Wellness


Collage Day School is one of only three TimberNook-approved sites in Florida and one of only two schools in the country to offer this elite child development nature program. The TimberNook program combines the therapeutic aspects of nature with child development research and experience to create an outdoor program that supports every aspect of the growing child. Each program is uniquely created for the location, provider and ages of children.

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